More success stories from TSB customers who've claimed compensation after being hit by the bank's IT meltdown are trickling in – almost three weeks after it started.

Some have told that they've been awarded £50 or more for the inconvenience and loss they've faced as a result of the problems. It comes after MoneySavingExpert revealed two weeks ago that a couple in Glasgow were among the first customers to get compensation, being paid £40 after complaining just a couple of hours after the outage started.

Furious TSB customers have complained in droves following widespread problems logging in and using online banking and the mobile app since 22 April, with the bank admitting last week it had had more than 40,000 complaints. TSB insists nobody will be left out of pocket by the problems and that it wants to "put things right" for those affected.

See our TSB online banking problems guide for help on how to claim.

'I'm over the moon it's sorted'

Since we first reported on Claire McAdam and her partner Ian Roddie getting £40 from TSB at the end of April, after Claire was unable to access her bank account online or pay off a credit card from her account, we've heard from a number of other customers who've been given cash back by the bank.

Here are some of the success stories:

  • Pamela Little, 33, from North Lanarkshire, got £73 back. Pamela told us last week that standing orders to her daughter and council had bounced on 1 May – she had to spend a lot of time on the phone sorting out the problems. Pamela said she got £48 for costs she racked up making phone calls to the bank and £25 for the inconvenience caused.

    She told us: "I'm over the moon it's sorted, I've been able to breathe this week."
  • Mike Bray, 44, from the West Midlands, got £50 back. Mike was a TSB mortgage customer who needed a copy of his mortgage statement to apply for a new mortgage with another provider. He was unable to access his account to get this, due to the IT issues, and says the process of getting a new mortgage was delayed as a result. He was sent £50 for the inconvenience.

    He told us: "The issue has now been rectified, as I have been able to obtain a copy of the statement from TSB, but I'm still not able to view my mortgage account online. Our new mortgage is still being processed but hopefully I will have moved within the next week or so."
  • Jake Matthews, 31, from Gloucestershire, got £45 back. Jake complained to TSB two weeks ago via its online system as he couldn't log in to his account – the bank initially got back to him and offered £25 compensation, but Jake got back in touch and challenged this. He told TSB he would normally move money into the account each month manually and then earn interest on this, but didn't while the problems were ongoing because he couldn't access the account. He was then offered a further £20 to cover the interest he would have got if he'd made the transfers.

    He told us: "The extra £20 more than covers this. Hopefully other people are having some success too."
  • Rachel Hellier, 25, from London, got £50 back. Rachel started the process of switching her account from TSB to HSBC before the IT problems started, but her switch date took place after the problems began. Although her switch was still able to happen, her money didn't transfer across to her new account for several days, and it was only after MSE contacted TSB that it successfully transferred the cash across.

    It's now paid Rachel £50 – even though she didn't ask directly for compensation as she "assumed it was an ongoing problem that many others were having".

If you've successfully claimed compensation – or tried and not had any luck – let us know at

How to claim if you've been affected

If you think you've lost out as a result of the IT issues, you can try to reclaim – our success stories show it is possible. Your chances of success likely depend on what you're trying to claim for though:

  • If you've lost money because of the outage, you should be able to get it back. If for example you've been unable to log in to your account and make a payment, and incurred a financial penalty as a result, you should be able to reclaim this.

    If you've racked up additional costs indirectly, such as a large phone bill from trying to sort out the problems caused by the IT issues, you can also try to claim for these when you put in a complaint, as Pamela did. Be specific, and include relevant evidence where possible.

    TSB has repeatedly said that "no one will be left out of pocket" following the service issues, though it hasn't given any further details.

  • If you've NOT been directly financially affected, give it a go – but there are no guarantees. As shown by the examples above, some people have got money back despite not being able to show that they've directly lost out financially. Jake was offered £25 for inconvenience BEFORE he got the extra money for lost interest.

    While there are no guarantees, it's worth submitting a complaint if you've been inconvenienced. It may help your case if you're specific about how you've been affected, for example if you've had to take time off work to sort out urgent problems.

You can submit a complaint to TSB directly via its website or using the free complaints tool Resolver*.

What does TSB say?

A TSB spokesperson said: "We are encouraging any customers who have been impacted to get in touch with us so we can put things right – raise a complaint via the form on our website

"Customers can rest assured that no one will be left out of pocket as a result of any problems they've encountered. 

"We are also waiving all overdraft fees and interest charges for all of our retail and small business customers for March and April, and are increasing the interest rate from 3% to 5% on our Classic Plus account (on balances up to £1,500)."

See our TSB online banking problems guide for full help.