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Rent-to-own sector faces price cap as high-cost credit reforms proposed

The financial regulator has announced new proposals designed to protect millions of people who use high-cost credit

31 May 2018

Ofgem alleges competition law breach by 'E' and Economy Energy

Energy regulator Ofgem has alleged that suppliers E (Gas and Electricity) and Economy Energy breached competition law

31 May 2018

New TSB blunder as customers receive apology letters addressed to others

TSB customers are receiving letters addressed to other customers in the latest blunder since the bank's IT meltdown

31 May 2018

Thameslink and Great Northern wipe cancelled trains from departure boards - DON'T let it stop you claiming

A train firm struggling with major disruption after a massive timetable overhaul is making cancelled trains 'disappear'

30 May 2018

Scotland to provide free sanitary items to help end 'period poverty'

Women in Scotland will be able to get free sanitary products after a successful pilot scheme helped those on low incomes

30 May 2018

SSE to hike prices by 6.7% in July

SSE has become the last big six energy firm to announce a price hike, with millions of customers to see bills rise

30 May 2018

Complaints about high-cost credit reach highest-ever level

The number of complaints about high-cost credit has reached its highest level on record, according to new figures

30 May 2018

WhatsApp bug: A fix if you can't see sender's name in iPhone notification

A WhatsApp bug is plaguing iPhone users so many can't see the sender's name on message notifications, but there is a fix

30 May 2018

Passengers unable to access digital railcards - if you're having problems here's what to do

Some rail passengers who have a digital railcard on their phone are unable to access them

30 May 2018

Viagogo STILL breaking advertising rules, as minister tells consumers to 'vote with their feet'

The advertising watchdog has said ticket reseller Viagogo is breaking UK ad rules after missing a deadline

30 May 2018

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