Tens of thousands of TSB customers are still waiting for their complaints about the bank's IT meltdown to be addressed, and some who were left £100s out of pocket haven't had a response more than eight weeks on, MoneySavingExpert can reveal.

The financial regulator's guidelines state that banks have a maximum of eight weeks to give a final response to complaints, but many TSB customers have told us they've now been waiting longer than that. Those affected include a woman who says her credit profile was "ruined" ahead of a mortgage renewal and a single mum who says she still hasn't had her April wages appear in her bank balance.

TSB's now writing to customers with outstanding complaints saying they can expect a final response or update within the next four weeks, meaning some could face a total wait of three months. And the latest figures from the bank reveal that it's working through a massive backlog of complaints - as of Monday 18 June it had received 107,846 complaints and resolved just 31,392.

If you've complained after losing out due to TSB's problems and still haven't had a final response you can take your complaint direct to the Financial Ombudsman - you DON'T have to wait the usual eight weeks to do so.

For full help on how to complain and get compensation, see our TSB online banking problems guide.

'They've left a single mum with no wage and no offer of help'

We've seen dozens of complaints on social media from TSB customers who are still waiting to get responses from complaints they made over eight weeks ago. Here are a few examples from MoneySavers we've spoken to:

  • Adele Rodwell, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, lodged her first complaint on 26 April. She says she's been left £600 out of pocket as a result of the IT meltdown: "For the months of April and May my direct debits and reattempts failed. My car insurance got cancelled immediately as a result of the reattempt failing.

    "I am disgusted at how my case has been handled. I've just literally come off a phone call to the TSB lasting over an hour and have got nowhere. I've been advised they can't give me a timescale of when it will be resolved, just ASAP.

    "My credit profile has been ruined. I'm supposed to be renewing my mortgage in October of this year - God knows how I'll do that with missed and late payments on my report."

  • Angee Jones, from Leicester, first complained on 25 April. She told us: "I haven’t heard anything back at all. I’ve had to call them and have been told there are no timescales.

    "When the system upgrade happened I couldn’t log into my online account. When I finally did, I had money incorrectly credited to my account, then taken back. There's also the fortune it’s cost me on my mobile bill trying to get through to them."

  • Tracy Malley, from Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, submitted a complaint on 2 May. She said: "I am paid weekly - on the week of the TSB meltdown my wage never appeared. I tried and failed to contact TSB and submitted my complaint. Since then I’ve received one standard letter and nothing since.

    "When I called yesterday morning [exactly eight weeks on from the initial complaint] the adviser from TSB reluctantly told me that my complaint still hadn’t been assigned to a complaint handler. Long story short - TSB has left a single mum with no wage and no offer of help."

If you've still not heard back, you can go to the Financial Ombudsman NOW

Usually you have to wait for eight weeks for a response from your bank before you can escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, an independent body which can rule on your complaint.

But for problems relating to TSB's IT problems, this waiting period has been waived, so you can go to the ombudsman straight away.

The best way to do this is via its online complaints form. See our Financial Ombudsman guide for more info.

What does TSB say?

A TSB spokesperson said: “Our partners are doing everything they can to deal with every complaint our customers have made as quickly as possible, and customers can rest assured that no complaint will go unanswered.”

TSB also told us that it has added 105 additional complaint handlers to its 54-person pre-migration team to address the volume of complaints which it has received.

It also plans to add up to 225 additional complaint handlers from July.