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Netflix testing price rise on new customers – here's what you need to know

TV streaming service Netflix had admitted showing some people who sign up to Netflix higher prices to understand how much potential customers "value" it - but it says nobody will actually pay the higher price

21 March 2019

Saga gives Platinum cardholders last-minute lifeline on outstanding balances

Over-50s financial provider Saga is to throw a last-minute lifeline to Platinum credit cardholders who've yet to settle outstanding balances ahead of the card's closure next week, can reveal - after leaving customers in limbo for two months

20 March 2019

Regulators 'need to do more' to prove they protect consumers

The spending watchdog has said that the regulators for financial services, energy, water and communications sectors are unable to prove they are offering enough protection for consumers

20 March 2019

UK aiming to keep European health cover if there's a no-deal Brexit – but EHICs may not work on exit day

The UK Government has proposed to EU member states that the European Health Insurance Card arrangement should stay the same until the end of 2020, even if we leave the European Union with no deal

20 March 2019

Vodafone to increase pay-monthly mobile prices by 2.5%

Vodafone customers on pay-monthly mobile contracts and mobile broadband contracts and will see a 2.5% price rise from next month

20 March 2019

Air, bus and coach travel to continue as normal if there's a no-deal Brexit

The UK is currently set to leave the European Union at 11pm on 29 March 2019 - although this could be delayed.

19 March 2019

Beware 'HMRC' phone scams – surge in calls telling victims they owe taxman £1,000s is warning readers to be alert to a sophisticated phone scam that has recently emerged, in which fraudsters threaten victims with arrest if they don't pay £1,000s on the spot

19 March 2019

MPs warn concert-goers to avoid Viagogo

A committee of MPs has today taken the "highly unusual" step of warning consumers not to buy or sell tickets through secondary ticket selling website Viagogo

19 March 2019

222 million old £5 and £10 notes STILL out there – how to make them spendable again

Get checking down the back of the sofa and in coat pockets - you could be able to redeem your old notes for cash

18 March 2019

SSE takes on failed supplier Brilliant Energy's 17,000 customers

SSE has been appointed by energy regulator Ofgem to take on Brilliant Energy's 17,000 domestic customers

14 March 2019