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Record numbers switched electricity supplier last month

A record 668,000 customers switched their electricity supplier last month, new figures reveal.

In the same month that millions were hit with price hikes due to the increase of the energy price cap, a record number of customers have moved to a new supplier - despite fears the introduction of a price cap could lead to lower levels of switching. 

Last month saw 668,371 customers switch electricity provider - that's a third more than April last year, and is the highest number ever recorded. 

The data, from trade association Energy UK, which only cover electricity switches, shows the total number of domestic and business switches this year stands at over two million, an 18% increase over the same period in 2018.

This continues the trend of year-on-year increases in energy switching. 

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Switching can save you £300+/yr

Switching provider is straightforward. You'll get the same gas and electricity – essentially all that changes is the company that bills you.

The cheapest dual-fuel tariff on the market costs £873/year, based on typical use. Compare that to a big six standard tariff - which millions are on - which costs an average £1,254/yr and savings of £380/yr are possible.

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And even if you're worried about switching firm, many can still save – though often not as much – by simply switching tariff with their current provider, using our 'my current supplier' filter.

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