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GHD customers charged multiple times for Black Friday orders

Customers of haircare company GHD have reported being charged up to 11 times for online orders after its website crashed on Black Friday.

GHD says the high level of traffic from shoppers searching for deals caused technical issues last Friday.

As a result, some were charged multiple times for orders – with one having £1,400 of payments authorised for a single order and others sinking into their overdraft. GHD says it could take up to seven days for these payments to be reversed.

Where customers were charged multiple times, GHD had authorised the additional payments to be taken, but had not actually taken the money. These payments would have appeared as 'pending' in customers' bank or PayPal accounts – meaning their available balances would have reduced, despite money not actually being taken.

GHD says it's working to reverse these duplicate payments, and is also contacting affected customers and offering goodwill gestures to them.

But some customers have struggled to get in touch with the firm and expressed their frustration on social media.

'Over £1,400 worth of payments authorised – but no confirmation'

While GHD wouldn't tell us how many customers are affected, its social media has been flooded with complaints. Here are a few we spotted:

I'm a GHD customer – what can I do?

GHD says it's contacted "the majority" of affected customers and is continuing to get in touch with others.

It says it's reversing payment authorisations "as quickly as possible", but adds there could be an additional delay of up to seven days before customers can actually access the money due to card issuers' standard reversal processes.

If you want to check the progress of your refund, you can email

While many customers said they hadn't received responses to emails or had struggled to get through to customer services by phone over the last few days, some are now receiving apology emails containing goodwill gestures.

GHD has confirmed it's sending out offers and gifts to those affected, which it says are exclusive to each customer – examples we've seen include 15% off the customer's next order, or a code for a free heat mat with the customer's next order.

What does GHD say? 

A GHD spokesperson said: "GHD apologise for the inconvenience caused and have offered an extension of the Black Friday deals for these customers."

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