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Coronavirus travel rights

We've the latest on the testing and self-isolation rules for travellers visiting popular destinations abroad, plus full refund and insurance rights for overseas and UK travel.

21 December 2022

British travellers overseas urged to return to the UK

All British tourists and short-stay travellers that are abroad should return to the UK, the Government has announced

24 March 2020

Anger as British Gas prepayment customers struggle to top up

Scores of British Gas customers have taken to social media, venting their fury at the big six supplier as they were unable to top up their prepayment meters last night – leaving some without heating and electricity

28 February 2020

New Scottish £20 enters circulation

Bank of Scotland's new polymer £20 note, featuring an image of the Forth Bridge with the Queensferry Crossing in the background, has entered circulation today

28 February 2020

Competition watchdog to take action on leasehold selling

The competition watchdog says it has found evidence of potential mis-selling and unfair contract terms in the leasehold housing sector

28 February 2020

Mysupermarket grocery comparison site to close within days

Price comparison tool Mysupermarket is set to close this weekend, meaning shoppers will no longer be able to use its popular website and app to cut their grocery costs

27 February 2020

Student Loans Company to trial automatic refunds for those that overpay

The Student Loans Company is trialling automatic bank refunds to former students who have overpaid their loans

27 February 2020

Funding for bank transfer scam victims extended to December

A temporary funding arrangement for a scheme that reimburses people who are tricked into transferring money to fraudsters will be extended until the end of the year

27 February 2020

Over 130 councils set to raise tax by 4% this year – see if you can cut yours

Almost 90% of local authorities in England which provide care services are looking to raise council tax this year by the maximum permitted amount of 4%, according to new analysis

26 February 2020

Premium Bond customers can now get texts to let them know they've won

Premium Bond holders will now be able to sign up to text notifications letting them know when they've won a prize

25 February 2020