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Jobseeker's Sim deal with UNLIMITED data, calls and texts for £10/mth is back

Jobseekers claiming certain work-related benefits can once more get unlimited mobile data, minutes and texts for £10 a month. If you need that much data it's a cracking deal and you could even use the Sim to temporarily replace your home broadband – but you can get cheaper deals if you need less data.

The six-month 'For Now' tariff from Voxi, which uses Vodafone's network, was first offered late last year before it was pulled from sale to new customers on 31 January 2021. But it's now back for newbies – and if you signed up last time around, Voxi says your plan will be automatically extended until 31 October 2021.

Voxi's tariff is easily the cheapest out there for those who want unlimited data, minutes and texts, though if you're happy to opt for a deal that offers less data there are cheaper options. For a full round-up of the top tariffs, including a 3GB data Sim for just £5/month, see our Best Sim only Deals guide and use our Cheap Mobile Finder tool. 

You'll need to prove you're on specific benefits before you can sign up

The plan can be taken out at any time before 30 September 2021 via the Voxi website and runs for six months as a rolling monthly subscription – so you can cancel penalty-free at any time. It's a Sim-only plan, so you don't need to buy a handset with Voxi and you can use it with your existing phone. 

You can get the deal if you're currently in receipt of at least one of the following benefits:

  • Jobseeker's allowance, or
  • Employment and support allowance, or
  • Employment-based universal credit.

You'll need to provide proof of this by uploading an image of your universal credit statement, your bank statement or a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions that confirms you are in receipt of jobseeking benefits. Voxi says your documents will be verified instantly to allow you to complete its account registration and purchase the plan. You won't need to complete a credit check to get the deal.

After the six months is up, you'll be moved by default to a different £10/mth tariff which won't offer unlimited data – if you're under 25 it'll be a 6GB Voxi plan; if you're 25 and over it'll be a Vodafone pay-as-you go (PAYG) bundle. But you'll be notified before this happens and can leave penalty-free at any point.

You can use the Sim to tether and ditch your home broadband – but it may not be as reliable

What's eye-catching about this deal is that it offers unlimited data and there are no tethering restrictions – which means you could consider using this as your main broadband connection and ditching your home broadband. To do this, you'd need to create a personal hotspot on your phone, then connect this to other devices. Voxi says it won't 'throttle' the data – ie, limit your connection speed – no matter how much data you use.

However, there are possible drawbacks to doing this, so weigh up carefully if it's really worth it. You'll be entirely reliant on the strength of your mobile data signal, for example, and tethering may be less reliable than home broadband, may work over a smaller radius and may struggle if connected to multiple devices.

If you ditch your home broadband, there could also be a delay reconnecting your line when you decide to sign up again – and if you're still within your contract's minimum term, you could also be hit with a disconnection fee in some cases, so check.

Yet if money is really tight and you're after a really cheap alternative to home broadband while jobhunting, this could be worth considering. See our Cheap Broadband guide for help finding the best deal. 

There are cheaper Sim-only deals if you don't need unlimited data

As we've said above, this is the cheapest deal on the market for unlimited data, minutes and texts. So if you're eligible and are a very high data user – or you are going to use it to tether – this is an unbeatable tariff. The next cheapest deal on the market with unlimited data is from iD Mobile and costs £16/mth.

However, if you won't make full use of the unlimited data, then there are much cheaper deals available – and it's worth noting that in our poll earlier this year we found two-thirds of mobile customers use less than 2GB of data a month.

If you're happy to go for a tariff with just 2GB of data, multiple operators offer deals from around £5/mth – see full info in our Best Sim only Deals guide.

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