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Virgin Media O2 axes broadband disconnection fees of up to £240 for home movers

Virgin Media O2 will no longer charge customers a disconnection fee if they move to homes that aren't connected to its cable network. The shake-up could save users £100s - though transfer fees of £20 remain for those who take their cable deal with them when moving home.

Until 15 February 2022, Virgin Media O2 charged users up to £240 to cancel their contract when their new home wasn't connected to Virgin Media O2's cables. Exactly how much you'd be charged to disconnect was based on your package price and the amount of time you had left on your contract, but was capped at £240.

The provider said the policy will support home movers facing a sharp increase in the cost of moving after a stamp duty holiday for buyers ended last year.

How much will I need to pay Virgin Media O2 if I'm moving home?

The amount you need to pay depends on whether it can supply your new address, and whether you choose to stay. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Virgin Media O2 can't supply cable at your new address - no fee. You can leave your contract without paying a fee. But you’ll need to provide Virgin Media O2 with proof of address via a mortgage or rental agreement, utility bill, bank statement or driving licence so it can verify it can't supply its service at your new address.

  • Virgin Media O2 can supply cable at your new address - £20 fee. You will need to pay this £20 transfer fee to take your package with you. Your monthly cable costs will remain the same.

  • Virgin Media O2 can supply cable at your new address, but you decide to leave - possible exit fees. If once you've moved you decide to leave Virgin Media O2, unless you’re on a monthly rolling contract, you’ll be charged to exit your fixed term deal before it comes to an end. This is calculated on an individual basis, but you can use Virgin Media O2’s website to work out how much your early disconnection fee will cost.

For more info on how to cut broadband costs, see our Cheap Broadband guide. You can also use our Broadband Unbundled tool to compare offers if you're moving home and leaving Virgin Media O2's network.  

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