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Martin Lewis WARNING: The 'top up prepay meters before April' trick may NOT now work for all

I wanted to write this personally, as unfortunately information we were given by energy firms and the regulator no longer looks water tight and this is about prepayment meters, which many vulnerable customers have. That means even slight changes, amidst this cost of living crisis, are crucial

22 March 2022

Martin Lewis: Why your energy bill might be going up by MORE than 54%

As April's energy price cap increase looms, many people have contacted us shocked that their monthly energy bills have increased way above the average 54% price cap rise. In the video below (with transcript) founder Martin Lewis explains why this might be the case and suggests what you can do about it if you think the rise is unfair.

22 March 2022

Ethnic minorities pay up to £280/yr more for car insurance than white people, says Citizens Advice

Ethnic minorities pay more than white people for car insurance, research from Citizens Advice has shown, with the charity arguing that the price differences are a result of an "ethnicity penalty".

22 March 2022

Together Energy customer? Check your final bill now as hundreds of customers have been wrongly charged a £40 exit fee

Thousands of Together Energy customers have been sent their final bill containing an incorrect ‘early contract termination’ fee of £40. Check your statement now to see if you’ve been wrongly charged.

21 March 2022

Currys trials 'Cash for Trash' scheme offering vouchers for broken and unwanted tech – how it compares

Currys has this week launched a limited time offer where shoppers can swap broken tech products and smaller white goods in exchange for a £5 or £100 voucher to spend in store or online. But you're likely to earn more recycling broken items elsewhere.

21 March 2022

Over 74,000 scams axed after 10 million-plus reports to the Government - what to do if you've been scammed

Tens of thousands of scams related to the NHS, online delivery firms and cryptocurrency investments, which often use the face of celebrities, including (MSE) founder Martin Lewis, have been stamped out since a new Government reporting service was set up almost two years ago.

18 March 2022

P&O Ferries suspends services after sacking 800 staff - your refund rights explained

P&O Ferries has halted ALL ships this morning and potentially this afternoon (17 March) ahead of a company announcement. Passengers who had their ferry cancelled or delayed could get compensation, check how to claim now.

17 March 2022

E.on Next customers given refunds after some paying by direct debit were overcharged – here's all you need to know

E.on Next has issued refunds and goodwill payments to customers after an error meant some users on standard tariffs were overcharged. The energy firm says the issue is now resolved and customers won't need to do anything to get their money back - but you should check your bill if you think you might have been affected.

16 March 2022

TSB customers 'left without cash' after duplicate payment error - here's what you need to know

TSB customers complain that they've been left struggling to pay for food and bills after payments have been wrongly taken twice today (15 March). The bank said it is working to fix the issue, adding that it will refund any duplicate payments taken.

16 March 2022

HSBC to close 69 branches across the UK – here's the full list and what to do about it

HSBC is going to be closing 69 of its branches across the UK. The move follows the closure of another 82 branches which were closed last year.

15 March 2022