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Warm Home Discount shake-up revealed by Government with 290,000 people losing out and 750,000 added - check to see if you can get it

The Government has changed who is and isn't eligible for the Warm Home Discount scheme, with almost 300,000 disability benefit claimants no longer able to get the rebate. However, the change will see an additional 750,000 households receive the energy payment.

2 August 2022

Boots reward card-holder? You've got until 10.30pm tonight to use your card if you haven't done so in a year, or you'll lose your points

Boots Advantage card-holders who haven't used their card in more than a year have now only got until 10.30pm tonight to use it. Those who don't will lose any accumulated points for good.

20 June 2022

NHS prescription costs frozen in England for the first time in 12 years – here are all the details and how to save on your medicine bills

NHS prescription costs will remain frozen at £9.35 an item for the next 12 months. This is welcome news for many but remember to check if you qualify for free prescriptions or if you can save money with a prescription 'season ticket'. See below for more details.

17 May 2022

Energy bill hikes hit millions as price cap rises by an average £700/year – what you need to know

We've been warning about big energy price hikes for months, but the harsh reality hits home today (Friday 1 April), as about 22 million households will see a massive jump of an average £700/year on their energy bills, as the new price cap kicks in – with most suppliers pricing their standard tariffs on or near the max allowed. Unfortunately, due to the dire state of the energy market, most still can't save by switching.

5 April 2022

Chancellor to ask regulator to investigate credit card and loan APRs after MSE and Martin Lewis campaign

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has backed calls from and founder Martin Lewis to make credit card and loan rates fairer and overhaul the rules so that more people get the rate that is advertised rather than being charged a much higher cost of borrowing.

4 April 2022

Martin Lewis: Couldn't submit a meter reading on 31 March? Don't panic, there IS still time

Customers of British Gas, EDF, E.on, Shell and Octopus have been unable to submit meter readings as people rush to do so before the 1 April price hike. But if you can't do so DON'T panic - just make sure you take a picture of your reading and submit it as soon as you can.

31 March 2022

Elderly and vulnerable are being 'unfairly discriminated against' as supermarkets shift savings to apps and online, says 74-year-old shopper

Some elderly and vulnerable shoppers feel they are being "unfairly discriminated against" as supermarkets restrict savings to their apps, meaning those without a smartphone are unable to take advantage of deals and discounts.

31 March 2022

Royal Mail opens its 'Swap Out' scheme for 1st and 2nd class stamps without barcodes – here's everything you need to know

The Royal Mail Swap Out scheme, which will allow you to swap first and second class stamps for new, barcoded ones, is now open. We break down everything you need to know.

31 March 2022

Millions of people would struggle if the UK became completely cashless, report finds

A huge 10 million people would be left struggling to cope if the UK was to go completely cashless, a new report by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and cash machine network Link has found. It comes at a time where more and more people are going digital and the number of bank branch closures continue to rise.

30 March 2022

British Airways passengers previously offered vouchers for Covid cancelled flights can now claim cash refunds - here's how

British Airways passengers who feel they were wrongly handed vouchers for cancelled flights during the pandemic can now get cash refunds following a U-turn by the airline. But you need to actively request that your voucher is transferred into cash - we explain how to do this below.

30 March 2022