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Shell Energy to hike broadband and call costs from September - here's all you need to know

Shell Energy broadband customers who joined the provider or renewed their contract before this year will see their prices hiked from 1 September. All home phone users will also see the cost of calls made outside of their package rise - but some will be able to leave penalty-free as a result.

Shell Energy said it is writing to all customers impacted to inform them of the change, which will come in automatically. It impacts Shell Energy broadband and home phone users, as well as former Post Office customers who are in-contract. 

The shake-up doesn't, however, affect former Post Office customers who are out of contract. Shell Energy purchased the Post Office's broadband and home phone business in 2021. The company wouldn't tell us how many of its customer are impacted by the price rises, though it confirmed it would be the "majority". 

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Here's how much Shell Energy broadband costs will rise by

How much broadband prices will increase by depends on when you signed up or last took out a new deal with Shell Energy: 

  • If you joined or renewed before 4 October 2021 - your bill will rise by £2 a month. 
  • If you joined or renewed between 4 October 2021 and 8 January 2022 (inclusive of these dates) - your bill will rise by 6.1% a month. Those who joined from the Post Office and are still in contract will see this increase.
  • If you joined or renewed on or after 9 January 2022, you won't be affected by the price rise. That's because these price increases have already been factored in.  

Here's how Shell Energy call costs are set to change

All customers with landlines will see the cost of calls made outside of their normal package rise:  
  • Calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles, service numbers, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man will increase to 19.10p a minute. This cost currently varies depending on when customers signed up. 

Shell also offers add-ons and extras for its landline customers. These users pay different prices depending on when they signed up. But from 1 September, all add-ons and extras will cost the same:

  • The call connection charge (for calls to inclusive numbers where the call starts in a chargeable period but crosses into an inclusive period) will increase to 24.4p per call. 
  • 'Anonymous Call Reject' will be £4.50 a month.
  • 'Call Divert' will jump to £2.65 a month.
  • 'Call Waiting' will rise to £3.50 a month. 
  • 'Choose to Refuse' will rise to £3.75 a month.
  • 'Prompt Care' will increase to £1.50 a month.
  • 'Total care' will rise by £7.43 a month.
  • Voicemail will increase to £2.92 a month. 
  • 'Voicemail Plus' will rise to £3.50 a month.

Some can leave penalty-free as a result 

Shell Energy says some customers affected by the price hikes can leave penalty-free but it depends on when you joined and the terms and conditions set at the time. You'll be told in the email you receive from Shell Energy notifying you of the price changes whether you can cancel fee-free, so make sure to look out for it. 

We've asked Shell Energy for further details on exactly who can leave penalty-free and if there's a difference for broadband and home phone users and we'll update this story when we know more. 

Under telecom regulator Ofcom's rules, customers can usually cancel penalty-free if they weren't told about a price hike before they joined, and if they can argue that the price hike will cause them "material detriment". Ofcom says it'll likely treat any price increase that wasn't agreed in the contract when the customer signed up as "material detriment" - so check your terms and conditions as this may allow you to leave penalty-free.

Worried about paying your bills? Contact Shell Energy

Shell Energy says customers who are worried about paying their bills can contact its payment and advice team. You can do so by phoning 0800 011 5166, or by emailing See our Energy bills guide for more on what to do if you're struggling. 

What does Shell say?

A spokesperson for Shell Energy told MSE: "Our customers are using more data than ever before, which increases the costs of running the network, so we’ve had to review our pricing."  

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