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Airlines told they must improve how they handle cancellations – or face enforcement action

Airlines have been warned they must do everything they can to avoid further disruption or harm to passengers over the summer.

21 July 2022

Online Tesco shopper? Check if you're due a refund after glitch sees some users wrongly charged minimum order fees

Tesco shoppers who order online should check their receipt for a £4 'basket fee', which may have been incorrectly applied. The supermarket has admitted that it's wrongly charged some the fee following a glitch. Tesco won't proactively contact those impacted, so you'll need to request a refund.

20 July 2022

McDonald's loyalty scheme launches across the UK - here's how to get your 'free' Big Mac

McDonald’s has rolled its loyalty scheme out across the whole of the UK after first trialling it in a few select stores. The move means customers can earn points on their spending at the fast-food chain, which they can then redeem on free food, including Big Macs. Here's how it works.

19 July 2022

Caught out by rebate firm Tax Credits Ltd pocketing half your cash? Here's all you need to know

Hundreds of people say they've been duped into using a third party claims firm called Tax Credits Ltd to request tax rebates, which then pocketed almost half their cash.

19 July 2022

Martin: 'I feel sick writing this. The energy price cap's now predicted to rise 65% in October, taking typical bills to a horrific £3,240/year, then rising again in January'

Martin: "Enjoy this week's warmth. The coming winter will be bleak, the cost of living crisis is set to climax in catastrophe, unless there is further intervention. I sounded an alarm for politicians on Radio 4 on Fri 8 July. I'd love to ask all Conservative leadership candidates what they propose to do to avert energy bill disaster, and when?"

19 July 2022

Watch: Martin Lewis issues stark warning to Tory leadership candidates to act over 'financial time bomb' in video open letter

MSE founder Martin Lewis warns Conservative Party leadership hopefuls that they must act as quickly as possible to prevent a "national financial cataclysm".

19 July 2022

Hive to axe cameras and other smart devices by 2025 - your rights explained

Smart home company Hive will axe its security cameras over the next three years. Products will stop working These products will lose their functionality by August 2025. The news has angered many customers – here’s what’s happening.

18 July 2022

Mortgage prisoners make £800m legal claim against TSB over excessive interest rates

More than 200 'mortgage prisoners' have launched legal action against lender TSB worth up to £800 million, claiming that they were charged 'excessive' interest on their home loans.

18 July 2022

Boohoo introduces £1.99 returns fee – here’s what shoppers need to know

Online retailer Boohoo has introduced a £1.99 returns fee, which means shoppers will now be charged to send unwanted items back.

14 July 2022

Warning: Three cost of living scams to watch out for as fraudsters try to exploit the crisis

Official Government support payments are usually automatic, so if you get a request for information out of the blue via text, email, or phone call – be wary.

14 July 2022