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Switched to E.on's decent one-year fixed deal last February? It’s ending soon – here's what you should do next

Last February, we told you about a decent one-year fixed deal from E.on for existing customers that many took advantage of. Yet now, that tariff is coming to end, and with the energy market still in crisis, we take a look at your options.

14 February 2023

Warm Home Discount: Minister promises to look at complaints after MSE identifies 10,000s may be falling through eligibility cracks

Tens of thousands of financially vulnerable people are likely slipping through eligibility cracks in the £150 Warm Home Discount support scheme, according to (MSE).

14 February 2023

NS&I to increase Premium Bond prize rate AGAIN to 3.3% – here's all you need to know

The odds of each £1 Premium Bond number winning a prize will remain at 24,000-to-one, but there will be more higher value prizes available.

14 February 2023

Warning: Watch out for new fake emails using Martin Lewis' name and MSE branding - they're a scam

Watch out for fake emails claiming to be from using the website name ''.

13 February 2023

Mid-contract broadband and mobile price hikes to be reviewed by regulator

Ofcom has launched a review into mid-contract price hikes on mobile and broadband bills, amid concerns that providers aren't being clear enough about what customers can expect to pay during the full length of their contract.

9 February 2023

Martin Lewis: Faulty tech? Don’t let ‘em fob you off with ‘sorry you’re out of warranty’

If you've bought some tech that's gone faulty and you've had to take it back, don't let them fob you off with 'sorry you're out of warranty'. That's the message from founder Martin Lewis' in his latest video. Watch Martin’s Warranty Schmaranty two-minute video, or carry on reading below.

9 February 2023

Martin Lewis: What you need to know NOW about mortgage rates's founder Martin Lewis explains what you need to know now about mortgage rates in the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

9 February 2023

Urgent action needed to prevent people with mental health problems paying 'sky high' insurance prices, says charity

Charity the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, which was set-up by founder Martin Lewis, has issued the calls after finding people with mental health problems are being charged 27 times more for insurance than non-sufferers.

8 February 2023

Sainsbury's 'technical error' leaves disgruntled supermarket shoppers without bonus Nectar points worth up to £25

Unhappy Sainsbury's shoppers say the supermarket failed to issue them with vouchers for bonus Nectar points worth up to £25 over the weekend - despite them meeting the minimum spend required.

8 February 2023

Fixed mortgage deals expected to get cheaper despite base rate increasing to 4% – what you need to know

Interest rates on fixed mortgage deals are expected to fall over the coming weeks, despite the Bank of England increasing the base rate to 4%. If you need a new mortgage in the coming months, we've analysed the mortgage market and spoken to a number of brokers to help you navigate this uncertain market.

7 February 2023