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BT customers 'forced into overdrafts' after duplicate payment error - here's what you need to know

BT customers have complained that they've been forced into overdrafts after payments were wrongly taken twice this month. The telecommunications giant said it will refund any duplicate payments taken automatically. has seen dozens of complaints from BT customers who say they have been charged a second time for payments made over the past few weeks.

BT has admitted that a "small number of customers have had a duplicate direct debit taken from their bank account" and apologised for any inconvenience. We've asked BT to confirm exactly how many, or which, customers are impacted over which direct debit payment dates and will update this story when we know more. 

BT has around 18 million UK customers across its telephony, broadband, and subscription television services. See our broadband and TV guides for more on how to get the best deal for your broadband and TV.

BT will refund affected customers automatically

BT told MSE it would be contacting all affected customers directly to let them know and would automatically refund their duplicate payment, adding that it would be refunding people 'as soon as possible'. 

It has not yet confirmed which payment dates are impacted, or if the issue is resolved. If you're a BT customer:

  • Keep an eye on your bank account for any duplicate payments
  • Take screenshots or print out statements detailing any errors.
  • Record any related fees or charges incurred, either from your bank or from other providers you've been unable to pay as a result of the problems. 

If you've been hit and are unable to pay for bills, contact your service provider immediately to let them know of the problems you're experiencing. If the late payment has negatively impacted your credit file, you can put a 'notice of correction' on your credit file via a credit reference agency. Full details in our Credit scores guide. 

BT said that anyone who has been pushed into their overdraft and incurred fees, or hit with late payment charges as a result of not having enough money in their account to make other payments, should contact its customer service team - but would not confirm whether it would definitely compensate customers in this situation.

You can contact BT either online or over the phone via its customer services contact page. You can also complain about BT using the free complaints tool Resolver.  

BT customer: You've charged me twice and now I'm in my overdraft

Here are just a few complaints we've seen about the problems on social media:

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