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American Express

Taking cards abroad: Should I tell my bank?

Does telling your debit or credit card provider you're going on holiday make a difference? The answer is: yes and no

1 July 2013

New American Express deals at Gap, Shell, Harrods and Starbucks

American Express credit card holders can get money back on a host of in-store purchases

1 February 2013

Amex cashback deal targets Tesco, Harvey Nichols and more

American Express holders can get 50% or even 100% of the value of their purchase back on offers this month

17 December 2012

Amex holders offered £25 cashback at London stores

Cardholders need to register their Amex then spend at one of the 405 stores on Saturday or Sunday

20 November 2012

Free £5 for Amex holders when they spend a fiver

American Express cardholders with a smartphone can get discounts at local businesses with the Shop Small website

8 November 2012

Avoid the blocked card holiday nightmare

Many holidaymakers will soon be jetting off for the summer, find out if it's worth letting your card provider know

13 July 2012

Discounts bonus for Amex cardholders

Customers can net some decent bargains such as £10 off a £10+ spend at Pizza Express, but only on one-off spends

4 June 2012

Should you buy euros now?

UK holidaymakers have had an unusual treat over recent months with a strong pound, particularly against the euro

10 May 2012

Amex ups credit card cashback to 5%

New customers will now earn 5% cashback on all spending for 3 months, matching best buy Capital One.

31 January 2012

Banks to scrap bureau de change debit card fee

A number of banks will end the controversial practice of charging debit card customers to take foreign currency in the UK

20 December 2011