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Bank of England

'Interest rates could rise at turn of the year'

Interest rates could begin to rise from their historic lows, the Bank of England Governor predicts

17 July 2015

Mortgage benefit to be cut for 167,000 struggling households

From 6 July, the amount the Government pays to recipients of its 'Support for Mortgage Interest' scheme will fall

12 June 2015

Mortgage rates at historic lows – can you save?

Many people can slash £1,000's a year off their mortgage costs, so everyone should check if they can save now

18 February 2015

Inflation falls to lowest level since May 2000

Inflation matched its lowest level on record in December when it fell to 0.5%, official figures showed today

13 January 2015

New rules planned to protect savers with higher balances

The Bank of England proposes to give homeowners up to £1 million of protection when transferring funds into accounts

6 October 2014

UK house prices reach all-time high, Nationwide says

House prices have rocketed past their 2007 peak to stand at a new all-time average high of £188,903 across the UK

2 July 2014

Risky mortgage clampdown outlined by Bank of England

Bank of England's planning to cap home loans and introduce stronger checks to make sure borrowers can afford repayments

30 June 2014

Risky mortgages to face new crackdown, George Osborne says

The Bank of England will be given greater powers to restrict mortgage loans to fix Britain's housing market

13 June 2014

Got a £50 note? Check it's not about to be withdrawn

If you've got a Bank of England £50 note featuring Sir John Houblon, you need to spend or bank it by the end of April

17 April 2014

Funding for Lending scheme scrapped for homebuyers

The Bank of England scraps its Funding for Lending scheme for homebuyers, now the property market is on the up

28 November 2013

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