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Major strategy launched to improve financial skills

A major 10-year strategy to help consumers prepare for and manage their money has been published today

28 October 2015

Cheapest EVER borrowing: what credit crunch?

The credit crunch is well and truly dead and buried and providers are pricing long-term debt cheaper than ever before

14 October 2015

Have a play with our (MoneySaving) tools

Grab cheap holiday cash, check tax, slash rail fares, uncover hidden bargains, find mortgage best buys and more

16 June 2015

Cheapest-ever new borrowing: 0% for 20 months

Yesterday we learnt inflation's hit 0% for the second month – so little surprise, borrowing costs are at all-time lows

15 April 2015

Unemployment hits 17-year high: how to limit the damage

Unemployment has topped 2.5 million and youth joblessness is at record levels but you can ease the pain

16 March 2011