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Pothole damage payouts double after harsh winter

The number of successful pothole claims following incidents on motorways or major A roads more than doubled in the last financial year, according to new figures from Highways England.

22 November 2018

Affected by the VW emissions issue? The deadline to join a lawsuit is approaching

Drivers who bought Volkswagen cars which produced more pollution than advertised could potentially claim £1,000s in compensation by joining a 'class action' (should it win) – but you'll need to be quick as the deadline for joining a claims group is in a matter of days

16 October 2018

Private parking firms could hand out 6.5 million tickets this year

Almost six and a half million private parking tickets could be handed to UK drivers this financial year

20 August 2018

Learners waste £100,000s a year on driving tests they instantly fail

Learners are failing their driving test for reasons such as forgetting L plates or their not being up to scratch

16 July 2018

Warning: 34,000 fined last year for not taxing vehicles which are FREE to tax

Drivers paid over £500,000 in fines last year for not applying to tax vehicles which cost nothing to tax

26 June 2018

New ultra-low emission zone in London to expand in 2021

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be expanded up to the North and South Circular boundary in 2021

8 June 2018

Private parking tickets up 20% in a year

The number of parking tickets issued to motorists by private firms has hit a new record high

27 April 2018

Millions with basic bank accounts barred from paying at the pump

More than five million people with basic bank accounts are unable to 'pay at the pump'

22 February 2018

Autumn Budget 2017: Tax hike on new diesel cars

New diesel cars which don't meet the latest emissions standards will go up by one tax band from April 2018

22 November 2017

£10 London T-charge comes in today - what you need to know

Drivers of the most polluting cars in central London will have to shell out an extra £10 a day

20 October 2017