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Potholes and ruined roads cause car misery for thousands

The RAC reports a spike in vehicles damaged due to potholes in the first quarter of 2017 despite mild weather

15 May 2017

Tough new penalties for speeding to be rolled out next week

Motorists caught driving well over the speed limit will be slapped with fines of up to 175% of their weekly income

20 April 2017

Drivers of older cars in central London to pay £24-a-day fee - what new anti-pollution charges mean for you

Owners of the most polluting cars will have to shell out up to £24 a day to drive in central London from 2019

5 April 2017

New car buyers gear up for tax changes - what it means for you

Owners of new cars face shelling out more in tax once revised vehicle excise duty bands are introduced tomorrow

31 March 2017

Driving to France? Check NOW if you need a new emissions sticker to avoid a possible £60+ fine

New rules in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Grenoble mean you're likely to need to display a vehicle emissions sticker

3 March 2017

Owners of more polluting cars to face £20+ daily charge to drive in London

From October some drivers will be forced to pay a £10 surcharge in addition to the £11.50 congestion charge

21 February 2017

Motorists advised to drive down MOT costs by maintaining a safe car

Drivers have been warned not to wait until their MOT to find out if their car needs attention

13 February 2017

Autumn Statement 2016: Fuel duty frozen for seventh consecutive year

The fuel duty will remain at 57.95/litre, the Chancellor announced today

23 November 2016

Finance company seeks jail time for customer who defaulted on car loan

A credit finance company launched a legal bid to have a customer imprisoned after he failed to comply with a court order

20 October 2016

The A-Z of motoring MoneySaving

Many spend £3,000+/yr running a car – here are 26 ways to slash costs

31 August 2016