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Today is the last day to use paper £20 and £50 notes before they become unusable - check down the back of your sofa now

There's just days left before paper £20 and £50 notes are withdrawn from circulation, so act now before shops stop accepting them. You can spend the notes until, and including, Friday 30 September but after that you'll have to bank them or swap them.

30 September 2022

You've got 100 days to use paper £20 and £50 notes before they become unusable - so check your pockets and down the back of sofas now

Time is running out to check down the back of your sofa for any soon-to-be-discontinued paper £20 and £50 notes. There are only 100 days left before they become invalid but the latest figures from the Bank of England show there are almost £15 billion-worth of notes still around.

23 June 2022

New plastic £50 note featuring Alan Turing revealed by Bank of England - but you can still use the paper version for now

A new plastic £50 note featuring the inventor and codebreaker Alan Turing has been revealed by the Bank of England today. It will launch into circulation from 23 June and will eventually replace the current paper design featuring entrepreneur Matthew Boulton and engineer James Watt.

25 March 2021

212 million paper fivers and tenners still out there – how to make them spendable again

Millions of old-style paper £5 and £10 notes worth over £1.5 billion still haven't been returned to the Bank of England, over a year since the last of them were taken out of circulation

28 August 2019

Budget 2018: 50p coin for Brexit

The Royal Mint will produce a 50p coin to mark the UK leaving the European Union

29 October 2018

New polymer £50 note to be launched

The £50 note will stay part of UK currency with a new polymer design, the Treasury has announced

15 October 2018

New collectible 10p coins launched - featuring a full English breakfast, fish and chips and James Bond

James Bond, fish and chips, a full English breakfast and the Loch Ness Monster are all featured on a new coin collection

1 March 2018

Got an old tenner? You can only spend it until 1 March

If you've still any non-plastic £10 notes, beware – you only have until Thursday 1 March to spend them

19 February 2018

Old £1 coins go out of circulation this week - but some shops WILL still take them

Hundreds of shops will continue to accept old round £1 coins after they stop being legal tender this Sunday

9 October 2017

Old £1 coins already unusable in many parking and self-service machines

Many parking and self-service machines across the country have already stopped accepting the old £1 coin

29 September 2017