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Derbyshire Building Society

Nationwide to ditch Cheshire, Derbyshire and Dunfermline brands

Just over one million Cheshire, Derbyshire and Dunfermline customers are to be moved to Nationwide by mid 2015

3 May 2013

Lowest-ever loan from Sainsbury's fires up price war

The supermarket's banking arm has taken top spot in the loan charts with lowest rate we've ever seen

9 November 2012

Derbyshire launches cheapest loan rate in six years

Derbyshire Building Society has launched the lowest loan rate for those borrowing between £7,500 and £14,999

9 October 2012

Derbyshire launches highest-paying easy access savings in 20 months

Derbyshire Building Society has today launched the top easy-access savings rate for nearly two years

28 September 2011