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Cheaper insurance available for flood risk homes

Homeowners living in flood-prone parts of the UK are now able to get substantially cheaper home insurance

4 April 2016

Hit by flooding over Christmas? Tips for claiming on your insurance

Floods have affected thousands over Christmas. If you need to claim on your insurance, here are some tips on what to do

29 December 2015

Hit by floods or storms? Tips for insurance and travel problems

Storms have battered home and left tens of thousands of homes remain without power. We explains your rights

13 February 2014

Been affected by the floods? See if your bank can help

Flood victims struggling with emergency costs and keeping up with mortgage payments may be able to get help

12 February 2014

Been affected by flooding? Tips for claiming on insurance

Homes in England have been flooded following the wettest January on record - our insurance tips can help you claim

30 January 2014

Affected by the UK floods? Tips for claiming on your insurance

If you've been affected by floods in areas of the UK, here are some tips to help you claim on your insurance

5 December 2013

UK storm: Know your insurance and travel rights with damage and delays widespread

Here are you rights if you've been delayed or had property damaged by by the storm

28 October 2013

Flood-risk homes to be helped by insurance cap

A deal has been agreed with insurers to allow households at risk of flooding to get affordable insurance

27 June 2013

Insurance scheme for flood-prone homes under threat

A plan to help 200,000 homes get affordable flood insurance has been planned, but is the Government listening?

26 November 2012