If you've been hit by the floods and are struggling with emergency costs and mortgage payments, you may be able to get help after leading banks announced support measures.

All the major banks we spoke to say they are trying to contact affected customers to let them know of their emergency measures. But if you've been affected, it's best to get in touch yourself as you won't automatically be opted in.

We've compiled bank-by-bank information so you can find out how your provider can help if you've been affected by floods. For help claiming on your insurance, see our Flood insurance tips MSE News story.

I'm a Barclays customer

  • Insurance. If you're a Barclays home insurance customer and can no longer live in your home because of flooding, the bank says it can help you find temporary accommodation, and arrange for emergency payments to replace essential items.
  • Loans. Repayment holidays of up to six months are available on existing loans, meaning you won't have to make any payments for a set period of time.
  • Mortgages. You may also be able to get a repayment holiday on your mortgage. Business customers may also be able to get a mortgage holiday of up to six months (up to 12 months for farmers).
  • Overdrafts. If you do your personal banking with Barclays, you can ask for a temporary increase to your overdraft if you've been affected by flooding. If you don't already have one, you may be able to organise one for free.
  • Credit file impact. Barclays says: "For those seeking a mortgage repayment holiday as a result of the flooding, we can confirm they will not be impacted by a note on their credit file."

Personal banking customers can call 0333 202 7501 to find out if they can get help, while business customers can ring 0345 605 2345. If you need to discuss home insurance, call 0800 027 9844.

I'm an HSBC, First Direct or M&S Bank customer

  • Insurance. Limits on emergency payments for insurance customers have been removed. Loss adjusters (the people who assess claims) have been posted to some of the worst-hit areas, such as Somerset and the Thames Valley, to speed up the process.
  • Loans. Customers, including farmers, can ask to be considered for loan repayment holidays of up to three months. Fees on loans may also be reduced.
  • Mortgages. A repayment holiday of up to three months may be available.
  • Overdrafts. Fees on overdrafts may be removed.
  • Credit file impact. HSBC hasn't given us a definitive answer on this yet. When it does, we'll update you here.

If you need further help, you can call 08457 404 404.

I'm a Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds or TSB customer

  • Insurance. Specialist staff are visiting affected areas to help customers with insurance claims.
  • Loans. Affected business customers will be given loan repayment holidays. Any fees incurred as a consequence will be waived. The group is yet to announce whether this will be possible for personal customers.
  • Mortgages. Repayment holidays will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Overdrafts. Same day bank transfers are available to all personal banking customers to pay for crucial items such as clothing, food and alternative accommodation. Overdrafts are being given where required to affected farmers, while affected businesses can also increase overdrafts.
  • Credit file impact. Business customers taking repayment holidays will not have it recorded on their credit file, Lloyds Banking Group.

You can call 0800 056 3811 for help.

I'm a Nationwide customer

  • Insurance. If your paperwork is lost, damaged or inaccessible, Nationwide says it will find other ways to securely identify customers and discuss insurance cases.
  • Loans. If you're likely to struggle with loan repayments, it says you should call it on the number below.
  • Mortgages. If you're likely to struggle with mortgage payments, again, call the number below to discuss your case.
  • Overdrafts. Current account customers can ask for a temporary overdraft or an increase in a current overdraft limit to cover emergency expenses.
  • Credit file impact. Nationwide says: "We have a number of flexible arrangements which will not affect a borrower's credit rating."

You should call 0845 601 1184 for help.

I'm a NatWest or RBS customer

  • Insurance. If your property is damaged, or you can no longer live there, contact RBS on its 24-hour emergency helpline: 0845 601 3004.
  • Loans: You can apply for extensions on existing payments by calling NatWest on 0345 788 8444, or RBS on 0345 724 2424.
  • Mortgages. Mortgage customers can apply for a three-month repayment holiday.
  • Overdrafts. Current account customers can get an overdraft or get an extension to existing limits. ATM withdrawal limits have also been increased from £300 to £500.
  • Credit file impact. RBS says: "If we arrange with a customer for them to take a repayment holiday, this will not be recorded on their credit file."

The bank says it will also send support teams to affected areas in the coming weeks to help businesses with short-term financial problems.

RBS says customers of all its banks should call 0800 408 0840 for further help.

I'm a Santander customer

  • Insurance. The bank says any claims should be discussed with its flood help team on 0800 121 4993. If you aren't able to access your paperwork, Santander says it will find other ways to identify you.
  • Loans. Help with repaying loans is being considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mortgages. If you're struggling with mortgage repayments, your loan could be converted to an interest-only mortgage or you could be granted a repayment holiday.
  • Overdrafts. Customer overdrafts for business or personal accounts will also be extended for free.
  • Credit file impact. Santander says: "Customers will be able to take a repayment holiday without any adverse effects to their credit file, so long as they stick to any new agreement that is arranged."

For help, call Santander on its special helpline on 0800 121 4993.