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Autumn Budget 2017: Marriage tax allowance extended to bereaved partners

Widows or widowers can claim up to £662 in backdated marriage tax allowance, it has emerged

22 November 2017

Autumn Budget 2017: Universal credit to be paid out earlier

Universal credit claimants will no longer have to wait six weeks before receiving their first payout

22 November 2017

Full Autumn Budget 2017 round-up as Chancellor unveils Government spending plans

The Chancellor Philip Hammond unveiled a wave of measures in today's Budget

22 November 2017

Pound falls after election result - should you buy euros or dollars now?

The pound has dropped sharply following yesterday's general election, as a hung Parliament causes uncertainty

9 June 2017

Buy currency now? Book car hire early? 14 holiday cost-cutting tips

Let's be blunt – it's more expensive to go abroad now. So here are 14 holiday cost-cutting tips...

18 January 2017

Supercards temporarily unavailable to new customers – but other travel cards offer comparable rates

Travelex's Supercard is currently unavailable to new customers due to an

12 December 2016

Going away and worried about the plummeting pound? How to get the best travel cash rate

The value of the pound reached 31-year lows last night, after a 'flash crash' meant it was worth just $1.18 at one point

7 October 2016

Urgent: Get £10 boost on top of record euro rate

The euro rate's at a seven-year high as £1 buys €1.41 and you can do even better

8 July 2015

Passport backlog: What are your rights?

If you've sent off for a new passport, you may not get it back in time after it emerged 30,000 are stuck in a backlog

12 June 2014

Plunging pound hits holidaymakers... how to make your cash go further

The pound is at a 16-month low against the resurgent euro, as well as being at a 31-month low against the US dollar

25 February 2013