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Lib Dems

May and Corbyn promise consumers won't lose out from Brexit, as party leaders take part in MSE debate

Current EU consumer law for individuals will be enshrined in new UK law post-Brexit, both major parties have promised

31 May 2017

Parents' anger over tuition fees U-turn

MPs who broke a tuition fees pledge not to raise costs, shouldn't stand for re-election, reveals a new poll

21 November 2012

Parents' pensions could guarantee mortgages

Young people could be able to use their parents' pension funds to secure mortgages, under plans unveiled by Nick Clegg

24 September 2012

The top ten energy 'need to knows' as Government unveils action

As the energy minister called on firms to make energy switching easier, our top tips can help slash bills now

20 September 2011

Government announces energy crackdown

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has announced a crackdown on the biggest energy companies today and pledged to help customers save cash

20 September 2011