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Money Advice Service and pension advice services to be replaced by new single body

The Money Advice Service and two existing pension advice services will be merged into a new single body

10 October 2016

Projects to help people with money management to benefit from £7m

Efforts towards improving the money management skills of people across the UK have received a multi-million pound boost

1 June 2016

Budget 2016: Money Advice Service to be replaced

The Money Advice Service is to be replaced by a new

16 March 2016

Major strategy launched to improve financial skills

A major 10-year strategy to help consumers prepare for and manage their money has been published today

28 October 2015

Martin Lewis joins Money Advice Service 'challenger panel''s Martin Lewis has joined a 'challenger panel' to recommend changes to the Money Advice Service

21 May 2015

'Ask Ma how to waste £50 million - it must completely change strategy'

The Treasury has finally released its response to the independent report commissioned on the Money Advice Service

20 March 2015

'Cowardly' Treasury buries independent report into Money Advice Service

MoneySavingExpert is today calling for the Treasury to publish the independent report on the Money Advice Service

12 March 2015

Half of UK 'struggling to next payday', study says

Nine million more Britons are struggling with their finances, the Money Advice Service says

2 August 2013

'Bankruptcy light' hits young people

More people aged 25 to 34 are turning to a type of insolvency known as a debt relief order than any other age group

29 December 2011

PPI consumer protection comes into force

The Competition Commission has issued new rules in a bid to ensure consumers have more information about PPI

4 October 2011