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169 million old £1 coins still out there - here's how to make them spendable again

Almost 170 million old £1 coins have yet to be returned to the Royal Mint

8 August 2018

Poundworld goes into administration - but no stores are closing for now

Poundworld has become the latest retail casualty on the British high street as it called in administrators today

11 June 2018

Old £1 coins go out of circulation this week - but some shops WILL still take them

Hundreds of shops will continue to accept old round £1 coins after they stop being legal tender this Sunday

9 October 2017

Old £1 coins already unusable in many parking and self-service machines

Many parking and self-service machines across the country have already stopped accepting the old £1 coin

29 September 2017

New 12-sided £1 coin enters circulation – what you need to know

Britain's iconic £1 coin is to be phased out after more than three decades in circulation by a 12-sided replacement

27 March 2017

Buy currency now? Book car hire early? 14 holiday cost-cutting tips

Let's be blunt – it's more expensive to go abroad now. So here are 14 holiday cost-cutting tips...

18 January 2017

Martin Lewis: What Donald Trump's victory means for UK consumers

Martin has had lots of questions from UK consumers on how the US election result will impact their finances

9 November 2016

Going away and worried about the plummeting pound? How to get the best travel cash rate

The value of the pound reached 31-year lows last night, after a 'flash crash' meant it was worth just $1.18 at one point

7 October 2016

Going on holiday? Find out where your pound goes furthest

According to a survey by the Post Office Travel Money, you'll the most bang for your buck in Bali

10 January 2014

Plunging pound hits holidaymakers... how to make your cash go further

The pound is at a 16-month low against the resurgent euro, as well as being at a 31-month low against the US dollar

25 February 2013