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Chancellor pledges measures to help boost switching

George Osborne has pledged to save families up to £470 a year by boosting competition and cutting red tape

30 November 2015

Chancellor faces renewed call to prevent 'absurd' savings protection cut

Andrew Tyrie has written to Chancellor George Osborne calling for him to prevent an 'absurd' savings protection cut

11 September 2015

Chancellor called to prevent 'absurd' savings protection cut

A fall in the amount of savings protected if your bank goes bust is 'absurd' says the chairman of the Treasury Committee

22 July 2015

Government savings protection to be cut

The amount of money protected if your bank, building society or credit union goes bust will fall from £85,000 to £75,000

3 July 2015

RBS fined £56m over IT meltdown

RBS is to pay fines totalling £56 million following an IT meltdown in 2012, which left customers locked out of accounts

20 November 2014

Ulster Bank fined £2.75m over 'unacceptable' IT failure

Ulster Bank has been fined almost £2.75 million over an IT failure that prevented thousands from using their accounts

12 November 2014

Lloyds’ PPI mis-selling bill nears £10 billion

Lloyds Banking Group has set aside another £1.8 billion for PPI claims, taking the total bill to nearly £10 billion

3 February 2014

Barclays' PPI mis-selling bill nears £4 billion

Barclays reveals it's setting aside more cash to cover its PPI mis-selling

30 July 2013

Laiki Bank UK savers to escape Cyprus banking levy

Around 15,000 savers in the UK arm of Cypriot bank Laiki, will have their deposits protected under British rules

2 April 2013