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145 million old £1 coins still not returned – how to make them spendable again

Some 145 million old-style £1 coins still haven't been returned to the Royal Mint, more than 18 months after they went out of circulation

16 August 2019

No new 1p or 2p coins produced last year

For the first time in decades, the Royal Mint didn't produce any new 1p or 2p coins in 2018

8 August 2019

169 million old £1 coins still out there - here's how to make them spendable again

Almost 170 million old £1 coins have yet to be returned to the Royal Mint

8 August 2018

New collectible 10p coins launched - featuring a full English breakfast, fish and chips and James Bond

James Bond, fish and chips, a full English breakfast and the Loch Ness Monster are all featured on a new coin collection

1 March 2018

Old £1 coins already unusable in many parking and self-service machines

Many parking and self-service machines across the country have already stopped accepting the old £1 coin

29 September 2017

Check your change! Kew Gardens 50p coin attracting £310 bids on eBay

One in 300 people could have an

21 February 2014