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State Pensions

Autumn Statement 2013: Pension age to rise to 68 in 2030s

Millions of people will have to wait longer to collect their state pension, Chancellor George Osborne has announced

5 December 2013

MPs highlight pensions confusion

The Government must act quickly to stamp out confusion over its looming state pension shake-up, a committee of MPs warns

4 April 2013

Flat-rate state pensions brought forward to 2016

The new flat-rate state pension will begin a year earlier than planned, the Government announces

20 March 2013

Government outlines flat-rate state pension

The Coalition's proposals include plans to introduce a single flat-rate state pension for new pensioners from 2017

14 January 2013

Pension firms promise clearer charges

Major pension providers have pledged to disclose charges and costs more clearly and consistently

11 January 2013

Winter chill sparks cold weather payments

Those eligible for cold weather payments get £25 for each seven day period of bitterly chilly conditions

13 December 2012

Benefits to rise by less than inflation: full breakdown

The Government dealt a huge blow to benefit recipients this week by revealing a 1% rise for many

7 December 2012

Apply for winter fuel payments now to ease energy worries

Some households will be eligible for winter fuel and cold weather payments to help with cutting energy bills

27 November 2012

Over-75s' nest eggs 'shrinking'

The long-term retired are having to 'knock lumps' out of their nest eggs just to get by, a new report has found

11 July 2012

State pension system to be reformed

The state pension system will be reformed and simplified to make sure it keeps pace with people living for longer

10 May 2012

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