Which gadgets do you have & which do you use?

Consumer tech’s a huge part of our daily lives. We’d like to see what’s changed since we did this poll a year ago and this year we've added more gadgets including drones, GoPros and er Teasmades. Do MoneySavers still use certain gadgets? And which do you now rely on? Please choose as many options as you have, and if you don't have it don't tick it.

The MoneySavingExpert.com Annual Census

So who are MoneySavers? For the third year running, rather than data-mining, we reckon the politest way to find out is just to ask. Plus we think you may like to find out a little bit more about who else uses this site (or more accurately, who uses this site and answers the polls). Welcome to the third annual MSE census. Please answer the following 11 questions.

How do you rate your bank account's service?

We run this poll on big banks' current accounts every six months to see how the experience changes. We’d love your feedback. Please vote based on CUSTOMER SERVICE for your main CURRENT account over the last SIX MONTHS. Please ignore rates or any other products, or service from more than six months ago.

How much are you worth (or do you owe)?

To answer this question, you first need to do a little sum: 1. Add up: the total value of your assets such as your house, savings & pension. 2. Subtract: outstanding debts - include your mortgage, exclude student loans. Then whether you've "net worth" or "net debt", pick your relevant option:

Are you going on holiday this summer?

The big summer getaway is about to begin. Yet will you be one of those, are you planning to go at a different time of year or will you not be going at all? What are your summer holiday plans (if you’ve more than one holiday planned, answer for the main one)?

How much time does your personal admin take?

We all have to do it – deal with bills, bank online, book travel & holidays, file letters and receipts, collect vouchers, sort out problems with the home, cope with tax credits / benefits, manage kids' school requests and more. How much time do you spend in a typical week on personal admin (excluding cleaning your home / gardening)?

Which Tory candidate would make the best PM?

This September when the Conservative Party changes its leader, it'll also change the PM for the country. Only Conservative Party members can vote to decide, yet we wanted to see who everyone would pick. So, of the five candidates at the start of the process, which would you pick (quite deliberately we’ve not included options for ‘none’ or ‘don’t know’ as love it or loathe it, this is the choice).

How does the Brexit result make you feel financially?

The UK voted to leave the European Union last Thursday. While nothing has changed yet, except the knowledge that it will, how does the result make you feel about your finances? (For guidance see Martin’s Brexit Q&A.)

Should the contactless card spending limit be increased?

There are now more contactless debit and credit cards in the UK than people – over 86 million of them. The average transaction is just £8.40, the limit is £30 – done to cap spending if someone takes your card. What would you like the limit per transaction to be?

Do you buy brand name medicines? Eg, Nurofen vs ibuprofen

Medicines come in all shapes and packaging, but often it’s the same active ingredient doing the job; see our Cut the Cost of Medicine guide. So do you go for brand names (eg, Nurofen or Lemsip) or do you go for generic/own brands (eg, ibuprofen or Superdrug Cold & Flu sachets)? Which of these options is closest to your situation for the last few times you’ve bought medicines?