How good is your mobile network's service & coverage?

We want to find out how each provider rates both for service (how they treat you) and coverage (how strong the signal is when you need it). In truth there are only four main networks providing signals, the rest use these but under their own brand (see our mobile networks guide for who piggybacks who). Yet vote for the firm that provides your mobile phone bill, as signal can differ. Please vote for your current provider based on customer service AND coverage over the last year.

What's your least favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Whether you plump for turkey, goose, ham or a good-old nut roast for your festive meal, there’s usually something of the myriads on offer that you’d rather go without. Maybe you’d ditch the sprouts, chuck out the turkey or skip Christmas pudding altogether? What’s your least favourite part of Christmas dinner?

What’s your favourite Christmas carol?

Christmas is nearly upon us so for a bit of fun we wanted to discover the nation’s favourite Christmas carol (or at least the MoneySaving element of the nation). Sadly, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You is not a Christmas carol. So we’ve rounded up 25 classic Christmas carols for you to select your favourite:

Which comedian would make the best PM?

Politics is a funny business. No surprise then that the Guatemalan president, the leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement and a previous mayor of Reykjavik are all former comedians. We’re sure there are other politicians you think are a joke too. So for some festive fun, which of these 35 comedians (sorry if your favourite was missed) do you think would make the best UK Prime Minister?

If you could cancel Christmas, would you?

It’s time for our annual ‘bah humbug’ poll. Christmas conjures a picture of family, fun and festive frivolity for some, and stress, debt and chores for others (see Martin's Ban Unnecessary Christmas Presents blog). So if you had a CANCEL CHRISTMAS button that'd make the whole thing disappear (and just add days to your holiday entitlement), would you press it?

Would you bend down to pick up a penny?

These days when many refuse to pick up their change in coppers, how much would it have to be for you to bend down and pick up money lying on the ground? Choose the option that’s closest to what you’d do:

Do tear-jerker Christmas ads, such as the bouncing John Lewis dog, change where you shop?

Whether it’s John Lewis’s dog bouncing on a trampoline, Aldi’s carrot traversing a Christmas dinner or Waitrose’s two robins uniting over a mince pie, a host of maudlin Christmas ads are designed to tug at our heart and purse strings. While they certainly get column inches and boost brand recognition, do they change where you do your Christmas shopping? Has this year’s or previous years’ ads ever affected where you shop? Which of these is closest to your answer…?

Have you haggled with Sky, BT, the AA and more this year? Did you succeed?

Call centre haggling can provide big savings – whether it be digital TV, broadband, credit cards, breakdown cover, insurance and more. Each year we try to gauge the success rates of those who’ve done it. So please let us know whether you gained cheaper prices, extra goods, better deals or reduced interest. Which of these firms have you tried to haggle with IN THE LAST YEAR? (Select as many as you want from the major providers below.)

Can you DIY it? How skilled are you...

Life throws up lots of tests, and often things that should be simple aren’t as easy as you think. So which of these 15 old and new life-skills can you do? Please tick ALL you feel competent to do with ease:

Has your energy firm's recent service been good?

Winter’s coming! We’re all about slashing your energy bills (do a five-min comparison) but service counts too. So every six months we test recent customer service… Please rate your current supplier’s SERVICE (not price) IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS. If you’ve gas & elec with different firms, rate both.