Laura Foulger

Forum & Community Writer 

Laura presides over restaurants, beer, theme parks and theatre deals. She comes from a content and marketing background, which has opened up all sorts of high jinks, like hooking Levi Roots up to a GoPro and following him down the Olympic Park's ArcelorMittal Orbit slide. Laura co-wrote a manual called How to Live for Free, and has varying degrees of success in sticking to her own advice. Her biggest freebie (but also her most ill-advised) was getting her eyebrows tattooed for nowt.

Laura's special superpower is finding ways to go to the theatre cheaply or for free (nobody should pay full price). When she's not watching Bunraku puppetry or above-a-pub fringe shows, she's script reading, reviewing theatre, making headgear for her next festival and hanging out with the lads (read: her houseplants).