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  • Mother's Day flowers from £1 in-store

    Mother's Day flowers from £1 in-store

    Round-up of supermarket flowers for a tenner or less 


    You don't have to spend a lot to treat your Mum on Mother's Day (Sunday 19 March). The cheapest (which doesn't necessarily mean low quality) bunches of flowers start from £1 at supermarkets.

    Here are the prices the major supermarkets have confirmed for the Mother's Day period, while stock lasts:

    Tesco in-store now (find your nearest*)

    Seasonal Posy Flowers Bouquet*


    Asda from Wednesday 15 March (find your nearest)

    Wonderful Mum bouquet (including carnations, chrysanthemums and more)


    Waitrose from Thursday 16 March (find your nearest*)


    Long stem roses mixed*


    Sainsburys from Thursday 16 March (find your nearest)

    Long stem roses yellow


    Aldi from Thursday 16 March (find your nearest*)

    Pretty in pink bouquet* (including roses, daisies and more)


    Lidl from Thursday 16 March (find your nearest)

    Cotton candy bouquet (including chrysanthemums, roses and more)


    Co-op from Wednesday 15 March (find your nearest*)

    Bright bouquet* (including gerberas, argyranthemums and more)


    Morrisons in-store now (find your nearest*)

    Rainbow roses*


    Last bud not least, you can find similar bargains at independent stores across the country, though unfortunately, we can't compare prices for them all. Before buying at supermarkets, check local florists' prices to ensure you're getting the best deal.


    MSE Olivia says:

    How to jazz up a cheap bunch

    With a bit of artistic flair, you can make a cheap-ish bouquet look expensive for next to nowt. Wrap it in fancy paper – no need to spend more than £1 on that. Maybe attach a handmade card then listen as your mum reminisces about gifts you made her as a child (awww).

    We had a go at sprucing up a £4 supermarket bunch for just £3.50 extra...

  • Asda 'free' £5 via rewards app

    Asda 'free' £5 via rewards app

    For newbies only. When you scan the app during your first shop


    If you're a newbie to the Asda Rewards app* and you download it (links are on that page), you can get a £5 voucher in your 'Cashpot' after completing your first online or in-store shop. The voucher can then be redeemed on your next shop.

    You can claim the voucher until 11.59pm on Tuesday 28 February, so you'll need to do your first shop by then. You've then six months to spend it. Asda told us there is no minimum spend required to get this reward, so you could buy a cheap item like a single loose banana for 14p and still get £5 in your Cashpot. 

    How do I claim my £5 voucher?

    Once you have downloaded the app and signed up, you'll be able to see various offers under the 'Earn' tab, which Asda calls 'Missions'. This one is called 'First Scan Bonus'. You will need to complete your first shop at Asda and scan the app before the £5 bonus will appear in your Cashpot automatically.

    If your first shop is online, you must make sure you use the same email address for the Asda Rewards app as you do for logging in and shopping online, as this will mean your accounts will link up. Then, once you've done your first online shop since getting the app, the £5 bonus will automatically appear. 

    How do I use my voucher?

    The Asda app works a little differently to other supermarket loyalty schemes and is based on adding pounds to your Cashpot, instead of building up points. You can then convert your Cashpot balance into vouchers to spend, which you can do so within the app in increments starting from £1 (the maximum single voucher amount is £100), and these can be used however you like with no minimum spend.

    • Using the voucher in-store: simply scan the voucher in the app as you go through the checkout.
    • Using the voucher online: If you want to use this voucher, or any other voucher from your Cashpot for an online spend, you must register on the Asda Rewards app using the same email address you use to sign in to Asda's online shop. Vouchers automatically apply to your online shop. If you have more than one voucher in your account, the oldest dated voucher will be used first. 

      When placing an order, the value of that voucher will automatically be applied to your shop, if the total cost of eligible items within your shop is greater than the value of the voucher. At this point your vouchers will be 'locked', meaning you cannot use these vouchers in store or on a second delivery. Once the order has been delivered or collected these vouchers will be taken off your shopping amount and removed from your Asda Rewards app.

    Asda told us that any unused pounds in your Asda Cashpot which haven't been converted into vouchers will expire within six months after the month in which they were earned.

    You can't use the voucher on kiosk items, petrol, pharmacy, third-party or Asda gift cards and infant formula. 

    Visit our Supermarket coupons page for ways to save on the weekly shop.