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  • All the major supermarkets will be clamouring for your attention this New Year, with lots of special offers on alcohol. In particular, we’ve found some corking deals on prosecco and champagne starting from £4 and £10 respectively.

    Many of these deals will last into January, subject to stock, but we'll update you as regularly as we can when new offers come up. Below is our full round-up of booze offers that have caught our eye so far from all the main supermarkets – including prosecco, champagne, beer, wine, spirits and liqueurs. Prices correct at 2pm on Thu 1 Jan…

    Champagne & prosecco

    Here are the cheapest 750ml bottles of champagne and prosecco in each of the main supermarkets:







    Keep an eye out for multi-buy deals at the various supermarkets too. Asda recently ran a 'buy six wines, save 25%' offer (now ended), and Tesco and Sainsbury's ran similar deals earlier in the season.

    Beer, wine and port

    • Mulled wine, own brand - £3 at Sainsbury's.
    • Guinness cans x4 - £4.25 at Aldi and Asda*. Also two for £9 at Tesco.
    • Chilean Sauvignon Blanc - £4.35 at Tesco*. Not sold elsewhere, but similar at Sainsbury’s is £6 (was £7.50).
    • Carlsberg bottles x12 - £8 at Asda*.
    • Cockburn's Special Reserve Port - £8 (was £12) at Ocado.
    • Peroni Nastro Azzurro bottles x12 - £12 (was £16.50) at Waitrose*.
    • Brewdog 12 Beers of Christmas - £14.25 at Asda*.

    Spirits & liqueurs

    • Russian Standard Vodka (70cl) - £13 at Asda* and Sainsbury's.
    • Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur (1L) - £12 at Ocado (plus delivery).
    • Bombay London Dry Gin (1L) - £16 at Asda*.
    • Jack Daniel's Whiskey (70cl) - £16 at Asda*. Next cheapest we found, £18 (was £26) at Tesco.

    Please drink responsibly this New Year, and as always be Drinkaware.

    For further tasty treats, see our Supermarket deals.

  • Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry is £6 a bottle in store and online at Asda*.

    Please be Drinkaware.

  • You can get a full school uniform (ages 2-16) from £11.50 online at Asda*. Uniform is also available in store, but we found the cheapest items were online exclusives. Standard delivery's £2.95. Click and collect is free.

    What do you get?

    Prices change depending on size.

    We've seen cheaper items available at Asda, but many of those are currently out of stock with no signs of being replenished.

  • If you're concerned about food waste and believe beauty is on the inside, then you might want to see if you can pick up a wonky veg box for £3.50 in store at Asda*. The boxes, which are available in 550 stores, contain 5kg of peculiar-shaped, odd-sized seasonal veg that wouldn't win any beauty contests - but should be just as nice on the inside.

    Asda says 10,000 boxes are going into 550 participating stores (see the full list) every month - so it's worth going quickly if you want the pick of the wonky crop.

    What's in the box?

    Each box is different but Asda tells us an example might contain about 500g carrots, 1kg potatoes, two onions, two courgettes, one cucumber, one cabbage, 300g leeks, 300g parsnips and three peppers - enough, Asda says, to feed a family of four for a week. If bought normally, this would cost £6ish. Though there are other ways to save on veg, see MSE Coupon Kid Jordon Cox's blog on buying individual veg rather than pre-packaged, Aldi's Super Six and Lidl's vegetable offers.

    Why is Asda doing this?

    Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver says 20%-40% of quality fruit and veg produced by UK farms is wasted in part because supermarkets think we're a superficial bunch who won't buy 'ugly' fruit and veg. The big supermarkets are now under pressure to cut food waste.

    Wonky veg boxes are great if you want to contribute to cutting back on plastic use, food waste, help farmers, and save money (about 30% off Asda's standard prices, it says - but you may find it's cheaper to buy veg individually elsewhere).

    Let us know if you found one of these boxes and what you think of it on Twitter.

  • There are always ways to save money at Asda* so even if there isn't a cracking deal out there that works for you, don't assume you can't cut your costs further.

    Ways to save include:

    • Supermarket coupons. Make sure you check out our supermarket coupons page to save on your shopping.

    • Compare the cost of your trolley. Compare the cost of your shopping trolley at the major online supermarkets with MySupermarket*. Prices are often reflected in stores, so it's worth doing a check to see which is cheapest for you.

    • Take the Downshift Challenge. The phrasing and language used hypnotises us into thinking most costly is best. While the packaging looks more opulent, look beneath it and sometimes you won't be able to tell the difference (often it's made in the same factory). Take our Downshift Challenge.

    • Track if it's really a bargain. Most of us know just because a supermarket lists an item as "on offer", that doesn't mean it's cheap. The trouble has been sorting awesome offers from poor promos. To help, MySupermarket* charts products' price histories to show if a 'was' price is realistic.

    • Time trips right to bag huge yellow sticker discounts. If you spot a yellow sticker discount - fantastic. Grab it and use it quickly as it's a saving on perfectly good nosh. See when Asda normally reduces its produce in our Cheap Supermarket Shopping guide.

    • Check out similar retailers, eg, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and the other major supermarkets. If you're not committed to buying from Asda, check out our deals from AldiTescoSainsbury'sLidlMorrisons and Waitrose, where they may have a better offer.

    • Try haggling. We polled 1,400 MoneySavers to find out in which shops hagglers have most success. Supermarkets did feature, so it's worth a go. Find out more in our Haggle on the High Street guide.​

    • Had a problem with Asda? There’s a free online tool you can use to complain – it helps draft, manage and if necessary escalate your complaint. It’s offered by a firm called Resolver, which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice – you can use it to complain to Asda*.

    If you spot any hot deals out there we have missed (we are human after all!), email us at or via Twitter @MSE_Deals.

  • You can get a complete pair of varifocal glasses for £45 at Asda Opticians*. The price includes value frames, lenses, anti-reflective coating, tints and thinner lenses (if required).

    We compared prices with a number of other opticians, and found that Asda Opticians was the cheapest for varifocal glasses. Always compare prices before you buy though, as you may find a good deal at your local opticians.

    See below for the prices of a complete pair of varifocal glasses elsewhere:

    • Vision Express from £50
    • Glasses Direct from £68
    • Specsavers from £69

Latest Expired Deals

  • Six bottles of wine for £22.50

    Six bottles of wine for £22.50

    Selected £5 bottles only. Online and in stores

    If you go online to Asda* or visit a store (find your nearest*) by Sun 7 Jul, you can get any six £5 bottles of selected wine for £22.50 - that's equivalent to £3.75 per bottle. 

    You'll be able to mix and match the bottles, and you'll automatically get the discount at the checkout. If you're shopping online, there's a £25 minimum spend. Delivery costs £1-£6 or you can collect in store for free (selected areas only).  The offer's not available in Scotland.

    Please be Drinkaware.

    MSE Laura says:

    When I checked on Mon 1 Jul, there were a few more expensive bottles of wine reduced to £5, meaning they're included in this promotion. Eg, a bottle of Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay Semillon*, reduced from £7. 

    If you shop at Tesco, it's got a similar offer of 25% off six bottles of wine

  • £12 Pimm's 1-litre

    £12 Pimm's 1-litre

    At Tesco and Asda. Normally £16-£20

    You can get a one-litre bottle of Pimm's No.1 Original for £12 (normally £20) online at Tesco* or in stores (find your nearest*) until Mon 29 July. It's the same price online at Asda* (normally £16) or in store (find your nearest*), though it hasn't told us how long the offer will last.

    Please be Drinkaware.

    MSE OLI says:

    While this isn't the cheapest we've ever seen Pimm's (Asda and Morrisons reduced the one-litre bottle to £10 around mid-July last year, so may do again), this is a decent price if you want it now.