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  • £74 Bondi Sands 10-piece set £40 delivered

    £74 Bondi Sands 10-piece set £40 delivered

    Via code. Normally £109


    Update 1.55pm Wednesday 12 April: This deal was originally due to end on 12 April, but Bondi Sands has decided to extend it until 11.59pm on Sunday 23 April

    Self-tanning and sun care retailer Bondi Sands* is offering its 'Ultimate Glow Up' bundle for £40, including delivery, when you enter the MSE Blagged code BONDIGLOW at the checkout. The offer will end at 11.59pm on Sunday 23 April or when all 5,000 sets have sold, whichever's sooner. Bondi Sands told us you should allow two to three working days for delivery.

    Bondi Sands doesn't usually sell this set, but says the contents are worth £109 at its usual prices. However, we've done out own calculations and make the total value of the bundle just over £74 if bought separately from the cheapest retailers – see the full contents.



    What's included?

    The set has 10 items (eight full-sized and two minis). Here's the full contents, plus the cheapest price we found each item if bought separately when we checked on Thursday 30 March:

    • Everyday gradual tanning milk 375ml (full-size) – £8.65 at Sainsbury's and Tesco
    • Self tanning foam in light/medium or dark 200ml (full-size) – £10.65 at Amazon
    • Pure self tan drops 40ml (full-size) – £6.65 at Amazon
    • Daydream whipped face moisturiser 50ml (full-size) – £9.99 at Boots
    • Coconut body moisturiser 200ml – £5.10 at Justmylook 
    • Self tanning sleep mask 75ml (full-size) – £6.66 at Amazon
    • Pure gradual tanning milk 200ml (full-size) – £11.50 at PrettyLittleThing
    • Self tan eraser 100ml (mini) – £6.05 at Amazon
    • Self tanning foam ultra dark 40ml (mini) – £3.80 at Bondi Sands 
    • Application mitt – £4.99 at Sephora 

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