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  • Look for promotional bottles of Carex handwash (£1ish at most supermarkets), to get half-price entry to three attractions – Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures and Sealife Centres and Sanctuaries (norm up to £50ish). This deal is great if you have an uneven number in your party, as it'll work out cheaper than the 2for1 deals.

    To get your half-price entry, you must pre-book your tickets online via this special special Carex link and select which attraction you’d like to visit. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll automatically be shown half-price tickets. One promotional bottle gets you one half-price entry, so if you want to use this for multiple tickets, you'll need multiple bottles.

    When you arrive at the attraction, you'll need to show the 'v' code which you can find on the back of the promotional bottle. We're not sure if just taking the sticker will be enough, so it may be best to take the whole bottle with you, if you can, or you may have to pay the on-the-gate price. 

    Alton Towers allows you to book half-price tickets for up to four adults, four children and two under-threes in the same booking. Chessington World of Adventure’s lets you book for up to 10 adults, 10 children and two under-threes and Sealife allows you to book up to five adults, five children and two under-threes.

    The voucher's valid until 31 May 2022, so if you buy a bottle now, you'll have plenty of time to use it. There are some date exclusions though. We're not sure how long the promotional bottles will be around for, so best to buy a bottle soon if it's something you're interested in.

    Vouchers from the 2020 promo have been extended till May 2022

    If you still have an unused voucher from when Carex ran this promotion in early 2020, it'll have an end date of 31 May 2021 – but Merlin has confirmed it's extended these vouchers to 31 May 2022. 

    Prefer a different attraction? See our round-up of current theme park deals which include 2for1 offers and MoneySaving tips & tricks. 

    MSE Jules says:

    If your party is an odd number, you'd be better off choosing this 'Carex half-price entry to attractions' promotion over a 2for1 deal.

    For example, an adult on-the-gate ticket to Alton Towers costs £53. If there are three of you visiting Alton Towers with the Seabrook 2for1 promo, it would cost £35.66 each (£107 in total incl cost of crisps). However, with this Carex half-price offer, it would cost £27ish each (£82ish in total incl cost of the Carex bottle).

    Remember, if you choose the Carex promo, each member of your party will need to show their own individual bottle at the gate.

    • Excluded dates

      The below 2021 dates are excluded from the offer. Also check attractions' individual opening dates as some are closed at certain times of the year. 

      Alton Towers

      Fireworks event on 5th, 6th and 7th November 2021 at Alton Towers

      Chessington World of Adventures

      Theme park is closed from 31 Oct 2021 - 20 Mar 2022

      Sealife Centres & Sanctuaries

      No exclusions

      The offer is not valid on attraction closed dates, secondary ticketed events, hotel events, concerts, fireworks and Christmas events and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or concession.