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This is a rundown of all the current free eye test deals.

Remember if you're under 16 (or up to 19 and in full-time education) or over 60, you're already entitled to free eye-tests on the NHS. And if you live in Scotland, EVERYONE gets free eye tests.

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  • Reckon it’s time you had your sight checked? We’ve blagged you an Optical Express voucher for a free eye test (norm £20), available until Tue 14 May. 

    Simply go via this Optical Express* link, fill in your details and request a call back to book an appointment at your local branch (find your nearest). Your eye test must be carried out by Tue 14 May.

    You'll then receive your voucher digitally in an email, but make sure you print it out for your appointment if you can. Optical Express says it should be able to accept vouchers on phone screens, but it's usually safer to present a printed version.

    The voucher's valid UK-wide and Optical Express has confirmed there's no obligation to act on its advice, or to make a purchase. However, if you do decide to buy and spend £100+ on a pair of glasses (lenses and frames), you’ll get a free second pair – so it’s two pairs for £100. In addition, those spending £200+ will get £50 off with our blagged voucher.

    Optical Express won't always be the cheapest place to buy your specs though - see our Cheap Glasses page for the latest deals.

    Can I get a free eye test on the NHS?

    If you're under 16 (or up to 19 and in full-time education), over 60, or if you live in Scotland, you're entitled to free eye tests on the NHS.

  • If you work on a computer or laptop - sometimes technically known as a VDU (visual display unit) or DSE (display screen equipment) - for the majority of the day, you could be entitled to a free eye test from your employer.

    The Health and Safety Executive has rules in place which mean that your employer may be obliged to offer you a free eye test if you ask for it. Each employer will have a different arrangement for this - some will let you book your own eye test and claim the money back on expenses, while others may prefer that all staff are seen by the same optician. It's best to speak to your employer and ask how it works for you. 

    Some employers will also pay for, or contribute towards, a pair of glasses if you need them to carry out your work. Again, it's best to ask your employer how this works for your company.

    Remember to always keep your receipts as these may be needed, particularly if you need to claim the costs back yourself.

Do you qualify for a free eye test on the NHS?

Some people are always entitled to eye tests, incl anyone under 16 (or up to 19 if in full time education), anyone over 60, and those with certain medical conditions (see the NHS website for full information).

What's more if you live in Scotland, eye tests have been free for everyone since 2006.

What to look out for with prescriptions

By law you're entitled to your prescription after having an eye test and cannot be forced to buy glasses or contact lenses from the retailer the optician works for. However some opticians carry out extra assessments such as eye photos, for which they may charge, so always double check the total price in advance. Prescriptions have a 'lifespan' of two years.

Pay less for specs

If it turns out you do need a new or different prescription don't make a purchase straight away. First see our Cheap Glasses deals and Cheap Contact Lenses guide to make sure you get the best deal possible.