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  • Free £13ish seeds with £7 magazine (or £8.50 delivered)

    Free £13ish seeds with £7 magazine (or £8.50 delivered)

    Plus year's 2for1 pass for 340+ gardens


    If you buy the May 2021 issue of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine, you'll get six free packets of seeds normally costing £13ish. The magazine is £6.99 at supermarkets/newsagents until Wed 26 May (though it's extremely popular and as the magazine has been available since mid-April, it's likely sold out in many places). Alternatively, it’s £8.50 delivered online at Mags Direct – and that's how you're more likely to be able to get one now.

    Seeds included with the magazine:

    • Cosmos Candy Stripe, norm £2.40
    • Lettuce Lobjoits Green Cos, norm £1.85
    • Rudbeckia Gloriosa Daisies, norm £2.40
    • Sunflower Evening Sun, norm £2.40
    • Parsley Giant of Italy, norm £2.15
    • Carrot Chantenay Red Cored 2, norm £1.90

    The magazine also comes with a card giving 2for1 adult entry to 340+ UK gardens – with current restrictions, many may not be fully open, eg, Kew Gardens, and some are still temporarily closed. However, the card's valid for a year until 8 Apr 2022, so it'll be valid when they reopen – see below for how the 2for1 card works.

    Note the Eden Project isn't included this year. It's been one of the 2for1 gardens in previous years and we'd originally been told it was this year, but Gardeners' World confirmed to us on Thu 15 Apr that it's not included.

    MSE Rhiannon says:

    Seeds are becoming hot-property with many people looking to spruce up the garden for spring, or introduce kids to growing their own food. The magazine can be ordered online for just £1.50 more than you’d pay at the supermarket, so you don't have to go out to find a copy.

    The lettuce seeds especially will be interesting for kids, as they don't take too long to pop up and you don't need a lot of space to grow them. Even if you don't have a garden, you can use the lettuce seeds to grow 'microgreens' indoors – check the Gardeners' World website for more info on how to do this.

    Sunflowers are also a perennial favourite (forgive the pun, they're actually an annual!) with kids, not to mention easy to grow, and a good source of birdseed to keep your feathery garden friends happy.

    • Seeds are not available on copies in Northern Ireland, however the 2for1 garden pass is included.

      The following applies to the year’s 2for1 garden pass:

      To use the 2for1 garden pass card, check it's valid on the day you want to visit (individual gardens may have excluded dates, eg, Christmas) and then simply turn up with the card at any of the gardens listed.

      You can use the 2for1 card as many times as you like, but even if you visited just one garden costing more than £6-£8, which most gardens we found were, it's worth buying the magazine if you're going to be visiting with someone else.

      If you’re taking kids, it’s important to note that while this is 2for1 on two adult tickets, BBC Gardeners' World says it's down to the individual garden if it’ll accept a child as the second ticketholder. Before you make the trip, it’s worth asking those gardens that charge a significant amount for kids’ tickets.

      It's valid for garden entry only (unless the guide says you can enter other parts of the grounds).

      It can't be used with any other offer and excludes groups – group size will vary per garden so check ahead.

      Going on your own? Get up to 50% off

      Some gardens also give up to 50% off adult individual tickets with the same card – see the magazine guide or Gardeners' World website for details.

  • Free £16ish of seeds and £4 gardening gloves with £7 magazine

    Free £16ish of seeds and £4 gardening gloves with £7 magazine

    At Sainsbury's. Or, get £4 pack of seeds & gloves free with £6 version elsewhere


    From Thu 28 May, if you buy the June 2020 issue of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine at Sainsbury's (in store, or online), you'll get six free packets of seeds that would normally cost £16ish. You'll also get a free pair of lightweight gardening gloves Gardener’s World says would normally cost £4.

    The special version of the magazine is £6.99 at Sainsbury's only, until Wed 24 June. Of course, we can’t guarantee there’ll be stock at your local store, so you shouldn’t make a special trip just for the magazine.

    Freebies included with the £6.99 magazine at Sainsbury’s:

    • Aquilegia 'Lime Sorbet' seeds – pale green/white flowers in summer, norm £3.60.
    • Five packets of edible flower seeds – calendula 'touch of red', garlic chives, lettuce 'red & green salad bowl', cornflower 'double blue', nasturtium 'trailing mixed'. Norm £12.65.
    • Lightweight gardening gloves, norm £3.99.

    There's also a version of the magazine (shown in the right-side image above) which comes with just one packet of free aquilegia ‘lime sorbet’ seeds (norm £3.60) and the gardening gloves for £5.99 elsewhere.

    The magazine (not the Sainsbury's exclusive) can be ordered online for just £1 more than you’d pay at the supermarkets from Mags Direct – but do be aware, we've heard reports that magazines are taking a long time to be delivered. So if you can get a supermarket delivery, it might be worth adding the magazine to that if you'd like it.

    MSE Rhiannon says:

    Even if you've only space on the windowsill, lettuce and garlic chives can grow quite happily in whatever container you have, so raid the recycling for yoghurt pots and give the kids a gardening challenge while you read the magazine.