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Hotels often slash rates to entice customers. If you know where to look, it’s possible to grab five-star places at a fraction of the cost.
Here you'll find one-off promotions, and for a step-by-step guide to permanently getting the cheapest hotel prices, see the  Cheap Hotels guide.

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  • Budget hotel chain Travelodge* has released 850,000 rooms for £38 or less per night, for selected stays until Sunday 31 December 2023 across 580 UK hotels, excluding some London locations and Northern Ireland. 

    There's no code needed but it'll be trial and error to find 'em given they're spread over a huge date range. The Travelodge price finder can help by showing all dates, locations and prices in one place, but it helps to be flexible. We'd expect them to get snapped up fairly fast, so go quick if you're after a particular date or area.

    Travelodge has tips on how to find a £38-or-less room* and recommends a Sunday-Thursday night stay to find the cheapest options. While Friday and Saturday night stays are available at £38, these tend to get booked quickly. 

    Here are some examples we spotted on Monday 17 July (though there's no guarantee these will still be available)

    • Nottingham Central – £25.99 for one night on Sunday 13 August
    • Cardiff Atlantic Wharf – £34.99 for one night on Sunday 6 August
    • Great Yarmouth – £34 for one night on Sunday 1 October
    • Basildon – £34.99 for one night on Sunday 8 October
    • Ipswich – £35 for one night on Sunday 30 July
    • Saltash (Cornwall) – £35.99 for one night on Sunday 6 August
    • Brighton Seafront – £36.99 for one night on Wednesday 8 November
    • Blackpool – £38 for one night on Tuesday 5 September
    • Eastbourne – £38 for one night on Sunday 3 September

    What flexibility do I have? 

    The low price point gets you the cheapest 'saver rate' booking option, which is non-refundable if it's your decision to cancel (though if Travelodge cancels it, you get a full refund).

    That said, at worst, it's a £10 fee per booking to make a change as long as you do so by midday on the day of arrival, though you'd pay any difference in price. It's worth noting that under 'saver rate', you can only adjust check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, room type and any extra items. The hotel booked, the rate type (saver or flexible) and the guest name is not amendable.

    If you're lucky, there may still be £38 rooms available meaning nothing more to pay, but if not, the difference may be relatively large. 

    If your booking is not classed as a 'saver rate' room, but is a 'flexible rate' room instead, you're able to amend or cancel your booking free of charge up until midday on your scheduled arrival date – if you choose to cancel, Travelodge will refund you. 

    Yet don't assume Travelodge will be the cheapest place to stay, even during this offer. Compare prices and see our Hotels Guide to ensure you're getting the best deal.

    • The offer's not available for hotels in some London locations, Northern Ireland, Ireland or Spain. 

      It's best to pay on card because, in the unlikely event that the company goes bust or another issue arises, you might be able to recoup costs via a chargeback claim from your card provider. See our guide on Visa, Mastercard and Amex chargeback for more information. 

      Saver rate rooms

      It's likely that most of the £38-and-under prices reflect the basic 'saver rate' option, which is non-refundable and incurs a fee if you want to make a change. You can choose to pay extra to upgrade to the 'flexible rate' which is fully refundable and can be amended or cancelled for free up until 12pm on the arrival date. However, we've seen rooms available at the 'flexible rate' for under £38 too.

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