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  • Safety notice: HP laptop battery recall

    Safety notice: HP laptop battery recall

    How to check if yours is affected & claim a free replacement


    Computer manufacturer HP has issued a safety recall and replacement scheme relating to batteries included with a number of its products sold between 2015 and 2018 - including some HP ProBook, ZBook and Pavillion laptops (see 'more info' below for the full list).

    The batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire hazard, so it's essential you check your battery isn't affected - and do so even if you've checked it before, as the scheme has been expanded to include more devices since the warning was first issued in Jan 2018. If you've already received a replacement battery, you won't need to do anything else.

    How do I find out if I'm affected by this?

    There's a full list of affected models in 'more info' below, but the easiest way to find out - especially if you're not sure what model you have - is to simply download and install the official HP Battery Validation tool, which can tell you if your battery's affected.

    How do I claim a replacement battery?

    If you your battery's affected, you should go to HP's website to claim a free replacement. In the meantime, there's a 'Safe Mode' you can use to disable the old battery (see FAQ for help), but then to keep using the laptop you'll need to plug it in.

    How can I contact HP?

    If you've any questions or concerns about this product recall, and would like to contact HP directly, you can either send an email or call 0207 660 0596 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm).


    • The following products were shipped with affected batteries:

      ProBook HP Probook 640 G2 HP ProBook 640 G3
      HP ProBook 645 G2 HP ProBook 645 G3
      HP ProBook 650 G2 HP ProBook 650 G3
      HP ProBook 655 G2 HP ProBook 655 G3
      HP ProBook 430 G4 HP ProBook 440 G4
      HP ProBook 450 G4 HP ProBook 455 G4
      HP ProBook 470 G4  
      ZBook HP ZBook 17 G3 HP ZBook 17 G4
      HP ZBook Studio G3
      x360 HP x360 310 G2
      Pavilion HP Pavilion x360
      ENVY HP ENVY m6
      HP 11 HP 11 Notebook PC


      The following products are compatible with, but were not shipped with, affected batteries. Customers may have purchased a battery as an accessory or received a replacement battery that is affected by the recall:

      ProBook HP ProBook 430 G5 HP ProBook 440 G5
      HP ProBook 450 G5 HP ProBook 455 G5
      HP ProBook 470 G5  
      ZBook HP ZBook Studio G4  
      ENVY HP ENVY 15
      Mobile Thin Client HP mt20 HP mt21
      HP mt31