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  • Lidl £5 off £25 spend voucher via Metro

    Lidl £5 off £25 spend voucher via Metro

    Also in Daily Mail (80p-£1.10) & Mail on Sunday (£1.80). Excludes Northern Ireland


    You'll find a voucher for £5 off when you spend £25 or more at Lidl (find your nearest) if you pick up the free Metro newspaper on Thu 9 Sep and Fri 10 Sep. Once you have the voucher, just show it to the cashier when you pay – it’s valid until stores close on Wed 15 Sep. The Metro with the voucher will be available in lots of cities and their surrounding towns across England, Scotland & Wales – see map in ‘more info’ below. Unfortunately, this offer will not be available in Northern Ireland. 

    Can’t get hold of a free Metro newspaper?

    The voucher can be found in various paid for newspapers too, meaning you'll save a bit less than £5 overall, unless you'd usually buy the paper anyway.

    Thu 9 Sep: The i (65p), Daily Mail (80p)
    Fri 10 Sep: The i (65p), Daily Mail (80p)
    Sat 11 Sep: iweekend (£1.20), Daily Mail (£1.10)
    Sun 12 Sep: The Mail on Sunday (£1.80)

    It can be used against almost everything in store including already-reduced items, but does exclude alcohol and infant formula. The qualifying spend must reach £25 after any other discounts – so if you're using Lidl Plus coupons, you'll need to factor this in. 

    Important: There have been a couple of times in the past where this voucher was due to appear in a newspaper, but didn't at the last minute. So before buying a paper especially for this deal, check the offer is displayed on the front page.

    Check out our supermarket coupons for more ways to cut the cost of your weekly shop.

    MSE Laura B says:

    Discounts like these don’t come around very often – so if you’ve a Lidl nearby this one’s definitely worth a look, especially if you can maximise the saving by getting your hands on a free copy of the Metro this Thursday or Friday.

    While the T&Cs state it’s one voucher per transaction, there doesn’t appear to be anything stopping you from using multiple vouchers on separate Lidl spends – so you may be able to save more than £5 if you can split your weekly grocery shop into several smaller shops of at least £25 each.

    • The free Metro newspaper can be found in these areas (click the map for detailed info):

      It’s one voucher per single transaction and it must be presented at the till at the time of purchase. Original vouchers must be shown at the till - copied, damaged, online printouts or defaced vouchers aren't acceptable.

      This offer is valid in all UK stores except Northern Ireland. Please see your voucher for full terms and conditions.

  • £31 HelloFresh ingredients box for £12 delivered

    £31 HelloFresh ingredients box for £12 delivered

    Eg, a six-meal box (three different meals for two) works out as £2 per meal


    Newbies who sign up to weekly meal box subscription service HelloFresh* via our Blagged link can get £19 off their first box and £15 off each of the next four boxes. The cheapest box includes ingredients for three different meat or veggie meals for two people for £11.99 instead of the normal £30.99 cost (including £4 delivery), meaning you get six meals for £2 each. You can opt for a pricier box containing more meals but our code will always get £19 off (or £15 if you continue) – see below for other box options. Trial boxes and gift vouchers are excluded from this offer.

    You can cancel at any point, so you could just use it once. The discount code HELLOMSE should automatically be applied but if not, enter it at the checkout. Delivery's £4, but with this deal the first box is delivered for free. There are a handful of postcodes which HelloFresh don't deliver to, such as the Scottish Highlands – see 'more info' for a full list. 

    The deadline to sign up for this deal is 11.59pm on Tue 14 Sep or until the code has been claimed 5,000 times, whichever’s sooner.

    Important: It’s a weekly subscription that you’re automatically signed up to but you can cancel any time, so you could just use it the once – but if you want to carry on with it, you can get £15 off your next four weekly boxes as well (making the cheapest box £16), but you will have to pay £4 delivery. To cancel, you'll need to do so by 11.59pm five days before your next box is due, to avoid being charged for the next box. See ‘more info’ for how to cancel.


    What's in the box and how much does it cost?

    A box for two people (£11.99 with this deal, norm £26.99 before delivery) contains ingredients for three meals per person, plus recipe cards. You can choose from a variety of different dishes after you've completed checkout. When we looked on Tue 7 Sep, we spotted meat options including smoky sausage skewers and chipotle spiced chicken, and veggie options including halloumi and roasted vegetable rigatoni and crisp cauliflower nuggets.

    While the code makes the cheapest option £11.99, the price of the box will vary depending on how many meals you choose and how many people it serves. Here are some examples of what your first weekly box might look like, including some of the dishes you could choose:

    • £11.99 box (norm £26.99 before delivery)
          Three different dishes for two people, eg:
          Mexican-style beef pasta bake to serve two 
          Smoky sausage skewers to serve two
          Creamy spiced lentil curry to serve two
          So that’s six meals in total for £11.99.

    • £16.99 box (norm £31.99 before delivery)
          Two different dishes for four people, eg:
          Roasted pepper and aubergine linguine to serve four
          Chipotle spiced chicken to serve four
          So that’s eight meals in total for £16.99.
    • £30.99 box (norm £45.99 before delivery)
          Four different dishes for three people, eg:
          Prawn and tomato risotto to serve three
          Roasted pepper and aubergine linguine to serve three 
          Chipotle spiced chicken to serve three
          Mexican-style beef pasta to serve three
          So that’s 12 meals in total for £30.99.

    For more cooking inspiration, don't forget to check what's new on our supermarket coupons page.

    MSE LAURA says:

    I've given HelloFresh a whirl and found the meals really tasty, but the fact that it cuts down on food waste is the biggest draw for me.

    MSE Jenny told me: "We tend to choose high-value meals such as steak, lamb, duck, salmon, prawns, sea bass and chicken breasts, rather than cheaper things like sausages, mince, chicken thighs, lentils, beans, chickpeas or tomato pasta. (Of course, this will depend on your own eating preferences.) We then make cheaper veggie meals on the days we don’t have any HelloFresh recipes."

    There's another deal currently being offered by HelloFresh which gets you 50% off your first box and 35% off the next three. Depending on the size of the box you want, and how long you plan to continue the subscription, this deal could work out cheaper for you – particularly if you're going for a bigger box. It's best to check both offers so that you know you're getting the best price. 

    • Customers must be 18 or over.

      The main ingredients are supplied, but please note you'll need to use your own cooking oil, butter, salt, pepper, sugar if required.


      HelloFresh delivers to mainland UK, The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey (excluding Herm) and Northern Ireland. It doesn't deliver to the Scottish Highlands or Islands, nor does it deliver to the following postcodes:

      AB33, AB35, AB42, AB53,AB34, AB43, AB45, AB54, AB36, AB37, AB38, AB44, AB55, AB56
      IV1, IV10-IV19, IV2, IV20-IV28, IV3, IV30-IV32, IV36, IV4, IV40-IV49, IV5, IV51-IV56, IV6, IV63, IV7, IV8, IV9
      KA27, KA28
      KW1, KW10-KW17, KW2, KW3, KW5, KW6, KW7, KW8, KW9
      PH19-PH26, PH30-PH44, PH49, PH50

      How to cancel your HelloFresh subscription

      To cancel, go to 'Plan settings' and select 'Stop my deliveries'. Follow the steps to confirm cancellation and make sure you receive a cancellation email shortly afterwards. If you sign up to receive your first box, for example, on Wed 15 Sep but decide not to continue beyond that one, you’ll need to cancel your subscription by 11.59pm on Fri 17 Sep to avoid being charged for any subsequent boxes.