Mother's Day deals

Our round-up of Mother's Day 2022 gifts, cards & flowers

Treating your mum needn’t cost a lot this Mother's Day (Sunday 27 March). We’re sure she'd appreciate a simple gesture like breakfast in bed or a homemade cake. But if you're going to spend money, we've a round-up of some cheap Mother's Day gift ideas.

You could also consider making a donation to a charity or good cause on your Mum's behalf instead. For example, we've ways you can donate money or needed items to support the people of Ukraine.

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Free Mother's Day gift cheques

Thoughtfulness melts the heart far more than a pricey prezzie. Our free Mother's Day gift cheques let you create vouchers for your mum. You could offer to do the washing up for a week, cook her dinner, or take her out for the day. When she presents it, you fulfil your pledge.

10 free & cheap ways to treat Mum

If you're stuck for ideas for how to treat Mum without spending, MSE Georgia-May has rounded up 10 thoughtful activities you can do for free or cheaply, including:

1. Pledge to do something nice for her – see our free Mother's Day gift cheques above

2. Invite her around for dinner

3. Volunteer for causes she cares about

4. Go for a walk

5. Host a family game night

6. Watch a film together

7. Take her to a free art gallery or museum

8. Spend time in the garden

9. Hold a DIY spa day

10. Look at old family photos


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In-store flowers

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Couriered flowers

Warning. Things can go wrong with the delivery of flowers for Mother's Day. Hopefully it won't happen but there's always a risk, so consider that before buying.

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