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  • Muscle Food meat hamper for £31 delivered

    Muscle Food meat hamper for £31 delivered

    Incl 5kg of chicken, steaks & bacon - cheaper than supermarkets


    If you visit lean meat supplier Muscle Food* online via our MSE Blagged link until 11.59pm on Tue 10 Dec, you can get a large meat hamper for £30.99 delivered (Mon-Fri deliveries, Sat is £1 extra). Click 'add to basket' and the discount code FREEHAMPERBF will be automatically added. All the items will arrive fresh in a chilled box and can be frozen when received if necessary.

    This selection would normally cost £59.86 all-in at Muscle Food and our rough comparison showed that it would cost at least £50ish at supermarkets (excluding delivery) – so you’ll be making a meaty saving. The price includes premium tracked delivery with text alerts.

    Bear in mind that this is a lot of meat, so you'll want to be sure you have ample fridge or freezer space for it, or a sufficient number of mouths to eat it if you're planning to cook it all from fresh.

    What's included in the meat hamper?

    We’ve listed what you’ll get below, as well as the price you’d pay for similar from a supermarket. After Sun 8 Dec, the snack (non-meat) products may change, but there'll always be of a similar value.

    • 5kg premium chicken breast fillets (Similar is £29.25 at Tesco)
    • 200g extra lean free range steak mince (Similar is £2.19 at Tesco)
    • 1 x chicken curry with noodles meal pot (Similar is £3.25 at Sainsbury's)
    • 1 x 100g prime pork loin steaks (Similar is £1.75 at Asda)
    • 10 x 35g low fat back bacon medallions (Similar is £2.85 at Tesco)
    • 200g chicken mini fillets (Similar is £1.80 at Tesco)
    • 2 x 114g extra lean chicken burgers (Similar is £2.75 at Tesco)
    • 1 x Lightly sea salted Propercorn (87p at Waitrose)
    • 1 x Upbeat juicy protein water - lemon (£1.50 at Sainsbury's)
    • 1 x Upbeat juicy protein water - blood orange & mandarin (£1.50 at Sainsbury's)
    • 1 x 500ml Monster Energy Ultra Blue drink (£1 at Asda)
    • 1 x 500ml Melon Reign Zero Calorie BCAA energy drink (£1.99 at Muscle Food)
    • 1 x Larabar apple cinnamon fruit & nut bar (£1 at Sainsbury's)
    • 1 x 25g Jack Links beef biltong (£1 at Tesco)


    What's Muscle Food?

    Muscle Food has been around since 2013 and we've covered a few Muscle Food deals, which have always seemed to go down well with MoneySavers, getting some positive feedback in our Forum. Let us know what you think in our Forum or via Twitter on @MSE_Deals.

    • Delivery takes roughly two days, unless you order on a Friday, in which case your order will arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Safety notice: Muscle Food meat product recall

    Safety notice: Muscle Food meat product recall

    Incl beef, lamb & pork ordered between 25 Jan and 3 Feb


    Online meat seller Muscle Food has voluntarily launched a product recall as a precaution after one of its suppliers mistakenly applied the wrong 'use by' date to 64 of its raw meat product lines, including beef mince, steaks, diced lamb and pork tenderloin.
    Muscle Food meat product recall

    Muscle Food says only orders placed between Thu 25 Jan and Sat 3 Feb are affected. If you bought within these dates, see the list of recalled products & batch codes on its site.

    Darren Beale, Muscle Food's founder said: "The team and I take our responsibilities incredibly seriously, and although on a daily basis we are offered products from a variety of suppliers, we vet and choose our suppliers very carefully.

    "In this case our supplier was a British Retail Consortium AA-rated supplier - the highest rating you can achieve in the industry. The moment they realised their mistake, they informed us and we informed [Muscle Food customers]."

    The company's offering refunds on affected products bought within the timeframe above, including products still within the 10 days' shelf life deemed safe by the Foods Standards Agency.

    How do I get a refund?

    If items you purchased match the list of affected products & batch codes, use the online form on its website to request a full refund. You can use the same form to submit any other related queries.

    Quick note from MSE: The last time we featured a Muscle Food deal was July 2017 - so if you've ever bought an MSE Blagged deal via Muscle Food, rest assured it isn't affected.