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  • Next 50% off sale?

    Next 50% off sale?

    No official confirmation, but we've found some HUGE clues


    We are pretty sure that the Next 'Mid-Season' sale is going to happen next week. Next is trying to keep a lid on the actual details of the sale, but we've done some digging and one lucky phone call has revealed it could be this weekend (Sat 25 Sep and Sun 26 Sep) online and in-store. We believe that the sale could see 50-80% discounts on items ranging from footwear, handbags, furniture and more. Here's what we've found...

    1. Customer Services thinks it might happen

    MSE Anjali put in a cheeky call to customer services, who let it slip that they think the sale will be this weekend (25-26 Sep). 

    2. Next is recruiting for sales staff

    Next is recruiting for temporary helpers for its 'Mid-Season' sale on its careers website. It says that staff will most likely be needed for Fri 24 Sep and Sat 25 Sep, which can only mean one thing... 

    3. It happened this time last year 

    In 2020, the sale started on 17 Sep to 23 Sep and it happened at a similar time in both 2018 and 2019.

    You can check with your local store before turning up early to avoid disappointment (find your nearest). 

    4. VIP booking slots have been released

    MSE Tony's wife has already received her email to book her VIP pre-sale slot for this week.  

    Here is a list of tips to keep in mind during the sale: 

    1. If buying online, Next turns off its Save Bag and Save for Later features, so make sure if you really want something you buy it straightaway otherwise the item you want might sell out without you realising. 

    2. Because of the big discounts in Next sales, there is a strong likelihood things will sell out fast so make sure you plan what you would like to buy in advance and then during the sale you can check if that item is discounted. Bookmark the tabs that contain the items you are hoping to buy if buying online. 

    3. Don't buy just because it's cheap, only buy if you really need it. 

    See our Shopping Secrets guide for more tips like this.

  • Next '50% off' sale?

    Next '50% off' sale?

    Unconfirmed, but we've done the digging and we're almost certain it's this week


    It's one of the big ones that MoneySavers wait for every year – the Next 50% off sale. Next is keeping tight-lipped for now and hasn't confirmed anything, but we've pieced together the usual clues to look out for and are predicting that the sale will kick off online and in stores on Sat 10 Jul. Here's what we've found...

    1. VIP slots released

    MSE Tony's wife has already received her VIP pre-sale slot for this week – a very strong clue:

    2. Recruiting for sale staff

    Next is recruiting for temporary 'Summer Sale' support staff on its careers website. While it doesn't specifically mention a sale, it says you'll most likely be needed on Fri 9 Jul and Sat 10 Jul. I wonder why that could be…

    3. It happened this time last year

    It's not too tricky to figure out when the Next sales will start, as they usually happen in the same weeks each year. 

    It's worth noting that during the last Next sale in July, it had extensive social distancing safety measures in place – including limited numbers allowed in store – so if it does this again as we expect, it’s likely queues outside will be longer than usual, so consider shopping online if you can.

    Do check with your local store before turning up early to avoid disappointment (find your nearest). Remember, it's currently mandatory to wear a face covering while inside stores.

    MSE Laura B says:

    Next sales are always popular with MoneySavers, as sale items are at least 50% off rather than the more common 'up to 50%' you tend to see in sales elsewhere. Next also rarely offers other discounts and has just four main sales a year. 

    Based on what I've seen in previous Next sales, I'd expect to see womenswear, menswear, kidswear and homeware all included. In previous sales, strong discounts included women's tops for £5 (were £18) and men's shorts for £8 (were £18), so I reckon we'll see similar this time.

    If you're after a different look, see the latest Summer sales now on.