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  • 75p off Pantene Superfood shampoo and conditioner

    75p off Pantene Superfood shampoo and conditioner

    Click & print coupon for shampoo & conditioner


    Register with P&G's SuperSavvyMe to get a 75p off coupon which is valid for 30 days after printing and accepted at most retailers.

  • £2.49 off Pantene hair oil

    £2.49 off Pantene hair oil

    Click & print coupon for hair product


    Register with P&G's SuperSavvyMe to get a £2.49 coupon or £2.49 cashback when you buy any Pantene hair oil product from most supermarkets.

    Cashback is the default option, so select 'print' after adding the offer to your basket to print out your coupon.