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  • If you want to show your support for England at the World Cup on the cheap, Poundland is currently offering 5ft England flags for £1 in stores.

    It’s also £1 for a two-pack of England car flags and flag bunting, though what’s available will depend on stock in your local store (find your nearest).

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  • As the wonderful Dolly Parton said: "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap". And she's right, buying make-up isn't easy on the pocket.

    So we've done the glamorous job of scouring our local pound shops looking for branded beauty bargains. Some are discontinued (they were the hottest trends once, so we think anyway) and others are still in the shops with a big price tag.

    Click the image below to see our haul:  


    Click on the image to enlarge


    • Rimmel Wake Me Up mousse - £5 at Tesco
    • Rimmel Glam Eyes trio - £4.99 (incl delivery) elsewhere online
    • TOWIE false eyelashes - £13 for a 3-pack elsewhere online, so about £4 each
    • Calvin Klein sheer creme eyeshadow - RRP £1.50, but we saw it for £5 elsewhere online
    • Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish - was £3.70 at Tesco, now £2.70


    This is what we found in our local stores. Speaking to Poundland, it said you can get these items in most stores, while stocks last.

    Can cosmetics go off?

    The British Skin Foundation says:

    "Cosmetic products will remain safe to use provided they are stored under suitable conditions and not subjected to extreme temperatures."

    "To ensure the maximum durability of cosmetic products, they should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and with the lids firmly closed."

    It also said the use by date on cosmetics, is from when you open the product. So if it says 18 months on the box, it should last for 18 months from when you open it, provided it's been stored correctly.

Latest Expired Deals

  • Cheap BBQs, incl £1 disposables

    Cheap BBQs, incl £1 disposables

    Also kettle BBQs from £15, 5kg charcoal from £3.99


    With another heatwave upon us, there could be an ideal opportunity to light up the barbecue, so we've rounded up some of the cheapest barbecue deals we could find, including portable charcoal barbecues from £5, disposables from £1 and 5kg bags of charcoal from £3.99.

    £1 barbecues 

    Disposable barbecues are available for £1 in store at Poundland, and you can also find them for £1.49 at Home Bargains. The next cheapest we've found are £1.99 in store at B&M or £2 at Wilko*. They often sell for up to £5 in some supermarkets, so if you want one it's worth making the trip to one of the stores above if you have one nearby.

    You should check the quantity of charcoal and burning time if you plan to cook for several people, as there's a lot at steak (sorry), and you may need to purchase more than one. If you buy a disposable BBQ make sure you dispose of it responsibly, recycling wherever possible – or risk a grilling.

    Portable reusable barbecues

    • 13" diameter portable BBQ - £5 at Poundland.
    • 13" diameter portable kettle BBQ - £9.99 at Home Bargains.
    • 13" diameter portable kettle BBQ - £10 at Asda*.

    Standard-sized charcoal reusable barbecues 

    If you're cooking for a family of four, a standard-sized free-standing barbecue should do the job. On Tue 23 Jul, we found these deals:

    • 17" diameter kettle BBQ - £15 at Wilko*. Available in store and online. Collect in store for free or delivery is £4.95.
    • 16" diameter kettle BBQ - £22.99 at Clas Olson. Collect in store for free or delivery is £4.99. 
    • 16" diameter kettle BBQ - £18.75 at Argos*. Collect in store for free or delivery is £3.95. 
    • 16"-ish diameter oval kettle BBQ - £20 at B&M Bargains.

    5kg charcoal £5 or less

    The hottest deals we found on 5kg bags of charcoal, which are sure to get you sizzling, include:

    Instant lighting charcoal bags

    If you don't want guests barbe-queuing up for a sausage whilst you're still trying to light the grill, then you might want to opt for the easier option of instant lighting charcoal bags. We checked the prices at these retailers:

    • £3.99 at Home Bargains for a 4kg bag
    • £4.99 at Aldi for a 4kg bag.
    • £5 at Wilko* for a 2.7kg bag or 2 for £7 (£3.50 each)
    • £5 at Sainsbury's for two 1.5kg bags
    • Barbecue safely

      Whichever barbecue you choose, be sure to follow the Fire Service's barbecue safety advice, never leave your barbecue unattended, always dispose of charcoal or disposable barbecues responsibly and never bring your barbecue indoors.

  • £2 Kinder Surprise Easter egg at Poundland

    £2 Kinder Surprise Easter egg at Poundland

    Not in all stores - can you find 'em? £4.99 elsewhere


    Kinder Surprise Easter egg

    If you look in Poundland stores (find your nearest), you might find Kinder Surprise Easter eggs at £2 each. Available in two designs, 'DC Super Friends' and 'DC SuperHero Girls', the 100g eggs are made from Kinder Surprise chocolate, with its usual milky white chocolate lining and a superhero-themed toy inside.

    Poundland says the eggs are only available while stocks last (so go quick) and only stocked in 'selected' stores. It hasn't been able to tell us which stores exactly, so it's a case of 'have a look and see' - though it might not be worth making a special trip. 

    Although they're not widely available, we spotted the same eggs at B&M for £4.99.