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  • Extra £25 cashback with £5+ spend via Quidco

    Extra £25 cashback with £5+ spend via Quidco

    Newbies to Quidco only. Make your purchase by 21 September


    If you're new to cashback site Quidco, sign up to it via our MSE Blagged link* to get an extra £25 cashback when you spend £5 or more at one of 5,000+ retailers through Quidco by 11.59pm on Thursday 21 September. There are a few retailers and services excluded – check 'More info' below for the full list before buying.

    As well as the £25 bonus cashback, you'll also get the normal rate of cashback offered for that particular retailer or service, so if you were planning to make a purchase anyway then this deal's a no-brainer.

    Even if you don't have a planned purchase, you can earn the extra £25 cashback by buying something costing £5 (the minimum qualifying spend) that you'll use, such as a two-pack of LED light bulbs from Argos, or a four-pack of batteries from B&Q. It's worthwhile checking if the retailer offers a free click & collect service so you don't have to pay for delivery, which'll eat into your cashback.

    The bonus can't be used alongside any other bonus cashback offers, including Quidco's refer-a-friend scheme. See full Quidco terms and conditions.

    Important. As with most cashback sites, it's likely to take at least a couple of months until your purchase is confirmed and your cashback is available to be paid. Plus cashback can never be certain as things can sometimes go wrong (for example, your purchase doesn't track properly or the retailer goes bust), so always see it as a bonus rather than a guarantee. Focus on what's the cheapest deal overall, not just the biggest cashback offer. For more info, see our Five cashback site need-to-knows.

    For full disclosure, Quidco is part of the same group as MoneySavingExpert (we're both part of MoneySupermarket Group – for more info, see the MSE editorial code). Yet, just as we don't favour MoneySupermarket over other price comparison sites, we don't favour Quidco over other cashback sites. As ever, our assessment is purely on the merits of the deal, and we think £25+ back on a £5 spend is decent in anyone's book. 

    • The following retailers, products and services are excluded from the £5 qualifying spend:

      Air Canada, Balance Box, Benefit, Browns, BT broadband, Car Parts 4 Less, casinos, Castlegate Lights, Catalink, Chip, Compare Breakdown Cover, Confused.com van insurance, Crunch, Currensea, Dare 2b, Daymade, DY Nutrition, eHarmony, Elemis, Experian Boost, Experian free account, FloridaTix, FreeSpinsWizard, Giffgaff Sims, Gourmet Society, Graze, Great Magazines, Hoka, JustPark, Kids Pass, Kobo, Legal & General life insurance, Legal & General over-50s' life insurance, life insurance quote comparison, LittleBird, Lumin, Luxury Flooring and Furnishings, Match.com, Moda in Pelle, Moneyfarm stocks & shares ISAs, MoneySuperMarket Credit Monitor: Free credit score, My 1st Years, Nail Polish Direct, Now broadband, O2 free Sims, O2 mobile, Ourtime, Penny Freedom, Plum, Plusnet broadband, Preloved, Quidco Compare, Raid: Shadow Legends, Richer Sounds, Sage, Sebogo, SimplyCook, Skin + Me, Sky broadband and TV, Sky broadband upgrades, Skyscanner flights, Square, Stannp, Stress Free Car Rental, Swiss International Air Lines, TalkTalk broadband and TV, The Good Prep, The Skills Network, Three home broadband, Treatwell, TSB Spend & Save current account, TSB Spend & Save Plus current account, Uniform Tax Rebate, uSwitch broadband comparison, Virgin Media, Vitl, Vodafone broadband, Vodafone pay-as-you-go mobile, Wiltshire Farm Foods.

      How long will it take to get the cashback?

      Quidco says this is dependent on the retailer you make your qualifying purchase from, and when it confirms the transaction. Your purchase should show as 'tracked' in your Quidco account within 72 hours, and then Quidco says most retailers confirm within two to three months, but it can take up to six months. The £25 bonus cashback should be available to withdraw "within approximately one week" of the transaction being confirmed.

      What if my qualifying purchase to get the bonus doesn't appear as 'tracked'?

      Quidco says to raise a claim after 24 hours so it can track it manually. You can raise a claim from the Activity section, or alternatively by sending Quidco a message via the Help button in the bottom right-hand corner of its website or the 'Support' tab of its mobile app.

  • Quidco Black Friday rates

    Quidco Black Friday rates

    Extra cashback on your Black Friday buys


    Cashback website Quidco is offering bonus cashback on a range of retailers - most of which currently have Black Friday sales. By clicking through to the retailer via Quidco before you purchase, you could effectively get even more of a discount on your items.

    Here are some of the standout rates of cashback on retailers which we have covered on our Black Friday page:

    • Rayban – up to 13% cashback on online purchases 
    • Oakley – up to 8% cashback on online purchases 
    • Superdrug – up to 15% cashback on online purchases
    • Boots – up to 25% cashback on online purchases 
    • Samsung – up to 33% cashback on online purchases 
    • Very – up to 27.5% cashback on online purchases
    • Argos up to £15 cashback on online purchases

    Of course, cashback isn't 100% guaranteed, as there's always a risk of things not tracking properly, however if you are buying something anyway, it doesn't hurt to try it through cashback to get an added bonus. See our cashback guide for the things to watch out for.

    Important: Don’t allow yourself to be taken in by the hype around Black Friday and be sucked into buying something you don’t need or can’t afford. And always do your own price comparisons to ensure you are getting the best deal possible – don’t just take a retailer’s word for it.

    • How long do I need to wait for my cashback?

      You’ll have to wait up to a day or so for the cashback to be confirmed before you can request it by BACS or PayPal and you’ll usually receive it within 2-3 days. Cashback is never guaranteed, so look on it as a bonus rather than a certainty - this offer is great if you're already buying the product.