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  • There are always ways to save money on Soap & Glory products, so even if there isn’t a cracking deal out there that works for you, don’t assume you can’t cut your costs.

    Ways to save include:

    • Exclusive offers for Advantage Card customers. If you sign up to the Boots Advantage Card* it will allow you access to personalised coupons and discounts via the Boots app* (available on iOS and Android only), as well as let you know about promotional offers such as regular triple points events and competitions, which often include Soap & Glory.

    • Coupons. Make sure you look out for coupons online or in Soap & Glory's email newsletter, and in store inside the Boots free (to Advantage Card holders, £1 otherwise) Health & Beauty magazine*. See our regularly updated coupons list.

    • Boots 'Star Buys'. Every year in the run up to Christmas, Boots slashes the prices of product bundles by about 50%. Soap & Glory products are often included in this discount and it's a great time to stock up for the year.

    • Check out similar products at other retailers, eg, Superdrug. If you’re not committed to buying Soap & Glory products, check out our other deals from Boots and Superdrug where they may have a better offer on another brand.

    • Had a problem with Soap & Glory at Boots? There’s a free online tool you can use to complain – it helps draft, manage and if necessary escalate your complaint. It’s offered by a firm called Resolver, which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice – you can use it to complain to Boots*.

    If you spot any hot deals out there we have missed (we are human after all!), please let us know in the MSE forum, email us at or via Twitter @MSE_Deals .

Latest Expired Deals

  • Soap & Glory 'Bubble Act' £30

    Soap & Glory 'Bubble Act' £30

    Body care set, norm £60 but worth £80 if bought separately

    MoneySavers wait all year for this and get in a real lather about it… From Fri 7 Dec, if you go online to Boots* or visit one of its stores (find your nearest*), you can get a Soap & Glory 'Bubble Act'/'She's Show Ready' body care set for £30 until 11.59pm on Thu 13 Dec, while stocks last.

    This gift set, which includes body butter, a face mask and mascara, is normally £60, but if the products were bought individually they would cost £80. Delivery's £3.50 if you order online, or you can collect in a store for free.

    Boots wasn't able to give us an indication of stock levels, so go quick if you want to clean up with this one. This is part of the annual Boots 'Star Gift' Christmas promotion, which is popular with MoneySavers and in the MSE Forum every year. Each week it releases an offer on a different gift product in the lead up to Christmas. 

    Soap & Glory 'Bubble Act'/'She's Show Ready' body care set includes:

    • 'The Righteous Butter' body butter, 300ml - norm £10 at Boots.
    • 'Clean On Me' moisture shower gel, 500ml - norm £6.50 at Boots.
    • 'The Scrub Of Your Life' body buffer, 200ml - norm £7 at Boots.
    • 'Hand Food' hand cream, 250ml - norm £8 at Boots.
    • 'Fizz-a-ball' original pink bath bomb, 100g – norm £4 at Boots.
    • 'Original Pink' body spray, 100ml – norm £4 at Boots. 
    • 'Melty Talented' dry skin balm, 30g – norm £5 at Boots.
    • 'Peaches & Clean' wash off cleansing milk 350ml – norm £8 at Boots.
    • 'Bright & Beautiful' radiance mask, 29g – norm £4 at Boots.
    • 'The Rushower' dry shampoo, 200ml – norm £4 at Boots.
    • 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lip gloss in ‘Bare Enough’ – norm £9 at Boots.
    • 'Thick & Fast' collagen coat mascara in ‘Black’, 10ml – norm £10.50 at Boots.

    Be careful though - there's more than one Soap & Glory gift set currently available at Boots, so make sure you get 'Bubble Act' OR 'She's Show Ready' (which we predicted) if you want this deal. The set called 'She's Show Ready' has the same contents, but a different box. Boots confirmed this set will also be on offer.

    Our Christmas Deals Predictor estimated it would be this week and our perfectly polished prediction was correct. Check it to see which Star Gift to look out for next.

  • Soap & Glory Black Friday set £25

    Soap & Glory Black Friday set £25

    Norm £50, incl mascara and lip gloss. Not the biggie people wait for

    MSE Update, Tue 4 Dec: Boots has decided to extend this Black Friday offer until Thu 6 Dec.

    You can get a Soap & Glory 'Glitz and Make Up' set for £25 from Boots*, online and in stores, instead of the normal £50 price until Thu 29 Nov Thu 6 Dec subject to stock.

    This set isn't the biggie that most people wait for, it's Soap & Glory's extended Black Friday offer, which it's calling 'Black Friday Star Gift'. We reckon this Soap & Glory offer is a pretty good deal as buying the items separately would cost at least £69.

    The set contains:

    • ‘Lid Stuff’ eye shadow palette in: ‘Fairy Light’, ‘Toasty’, ‘Good As Gold’, ‘How Nude’, ‘Copper’, and ‘Damsel’, 0.8g each – similar norm £13 for 10 eyeshadows (£8ish for six) at Boots.
    • Archery brow sculpting crayon & setting gel in ‘Brown & Out’, 0.18g & 1.7ml – norm £10 at Boots.
    • ‘Love At First Blush’ powdered blush, 7.5g – norm £11 at Boots.
    • ‘Supercat’ liquid black eyeliner pen, 1.6g – norm £6.50 at Boots.
    • ‘Thick & Fast’ HD collagen coat mascara in ‘Black’, 10ml – norm £10.50 at Boots.
    • ‘Spectaculips Matte-Allic’ lip cream in ‘Gold Dusk’, 7ml – norm £8 at Boots.
    • ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ lip gloss in ‘Candy Queen’, 7ml – norm £9 at Boots.
    • ‘Crazy Sexy Kohl’ twist-up eyeliner in ‘Smoulder’, 0.5g – norm £5.50 at Boots. 

    Important: Don't allow yourself to be taken in by the hype around Black Friday and be sucked into buying something you don't need or can't afford. And always do your own price comparisons to ensure you are getting the best deal possible – don't just take a retailer's word for it.

    For more deals and analysis, see our full guide to Black Friday 2018.