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  • Razor, shave cream & moisturiser £3 delivered

    Razor, shave cream & moisturiser £3 delivered

    Or £7 to include face scrub, aftershave & bamboo toothbrush


    If you go online to shaving subscription site Sterling Shave Club*, you can get its 'trial' set of shaving supplies including a razor handle, five-blade cartridge, 30ml shave cream and 30ml post-shave moisturiser for £2.99 delivered. For an extra £3.99 – so £6.98 delivered in total – you can choose to include a 50ml face scrub, 5ml eau de parfum and a bamboo toothbrush. If you just need a cheap razor, see £2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide (norm £12).

    Important: This is part of a subscription, so you'll be enrolled into an ongoing paid-for service, but you can cancel any time and if you do it early enough, you won't be charged for further deliveries – see how to below.

    From our calculations, the products in the cheaper 'trial' set are worth £6.45, and £18.39 for the larger 'trial' set, if bought individually at Sterling Shave Club (and based on the proportionate cost of the full-size version of the shave cream, moisturiser and face scrub).

    This is an ongoing offer for anyone who hasn't signed up to Sterling Shave Club before, but 3,000 sets have been kept aside for MSE users.

    Sterling Shave Club

    When will it be delivered?

    Delivery should take two to three working days if paying by card or PayPal, and the package will fit through most standard letterboxes.

    Sterling Shave Club subscription and how to cancel or amend

    When signing up to Sterling Shave Club, you'll be enrolled into a monthly subscription service, which will activate 15 days after your 'trial' kit is dispatched. However, you can change the regularity (including delaying deliveries), change which products you're sent (and therefore the amount you pay), or cancel at any time.

    If you do nothing, you'll be sent four replacement blade cartridges and be charged £9.61 each time it's delivered – so if you don't want this, remember to cancel or change your delivery preferences as soon as you've got your 'trial' box.

    Sterling Shave Club says it will email you three days before your next box is picked for delivery, giving you a reminder that you can cancel your subscription, delay, or amend the delivery up to one day before your next box is sent. You can cancel via your Sterling Shave Club online account – go to the 'My Subscriptions' section and select the red 'Stop' button to end your subscription.

    • What is Sterling Shave Club?

      Sterling Shave Club has been offering its shaving supplies since 2014. As part of its subscription service, you can always update which shaving supplies you receive, or delay deliveries. Sterling Shave Club has been reviewed on Trustpilot and when we checked, had scored 6.3 out of 10 from 93 reviews.